What is the interior?


the Interior is an architectural-artistic design of interior space which provides a favorable conditions of life; it is the principle of interposition functional and decorative elements in the room.

the Concept contains an internal space of the building or separate premises, and its design is determined by the purpose of the room. Architects consider the interior in connection with the exterior appearance of the entire structure.

the Organization of space depends on the purpose of premises (residential, public, industrial, etc.) and is subject to the General requirements and laws (physiological, social, construction).

For the design of interior, you must have the process of the formation of a whole from separate elements using architectural and aesthetic features.


These elements are interrelated factors that shape the interior:

  • functionality: interior designing begins with determining the purpose of the premises, the definition of the function that the area must perform a total planning structure of the entire architectural structure or part;
  • the
  • Subject filling from functional assignment depends on the zoning of the premises and the filling of appropriate furniture, equipment and elements of engineering communications. While taking into account ergonomic requirements for the subject of the formation of space and physiological bases of human perception;
  • the
  • Style. Style or styling is a generalized image of artistic and utilitarian expression.

in addition to the stylistic awareness of the subject filling (furniture, engineering), the means of creating a stylish interior light, color, materials.


Internal spatial structure

the Internal spatial structure is one of the most important categories of the interior. It is based on natural connections between the construction of the internal space and external factors influencing its formation.

At the initial design stage is simulation of interior, interpreted the social order, accumulate the source data for the choice of a particular domestic spatial schemes, taking into account the purpose, the technical capabilities and stylistic features of the architecture, as well as climatic conditions and local and national traditions.

the Means of implementation of the spatial ideas are the elements that fix the border and the shape of space: placement of window openings, their figure, magnitude, nature of lighting (natural and artificial), the color and texture of finishing materials. The spatial structure is created using structural elements. The same gradation of color and light, selection and application of decorative elements help to bring to a logical conclusion the architectural image. Change at least one of these elements change the properties of the whole spatial structure, and with them - and the psychological reaction to this interior.

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