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today there are huge number of companies that offer services in the field of professional translation. Like the market of all other goods and services, among these Organizaci also has its own rules and laws and is a brutal competitive struggle for customers.


is it Difficult today to break into the market of professional translation services?

a Lot of people probably just answer: it's very simple if you are sufficiently proficient in a foreign language. But people who have an idea about market relations and Commerce, will be something to think about.

In the current context, knowledge of foreign languages this is not uncommon, and probably even the necessity, owing to the nature of the work. Today, many people prefer to learn foreign languages independently, and not please call . Learning a language often takes a very long time (average 1 - 2 years). And in this situation neither of us is wrong, because everyone has the right to choose.



But there are some nuances that person to exercise their own is very difficult. In order to perform the translation of highly specialized texts, we must not only speak the language of the original, but also know the other disciplines, for example, in the field of economy, engineering or medicine. In the state periodicheskogo Bureau has professional editors and translators who spetsializiruyutsya in different fields of science. Many employees of the translation Bureau, often have 2nd higher education that need to implement high-quality translation of the text of a technical nature.

in addition to well-equipped state employee with high skills, translation also need a broad advertising campaign, which requires specific investments. Also, still need a solid recommendation well-known clients and an office in the center or other good area of the city. And plus to all the above for the promotion of commercial firms also need connections in the business community and start-up capital. It is in these nuances lies the answer to the question: is it difficult to break into the market periodicheskih services.

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