The advantages of modern Windows


Windows - plastic Windows, which meet all requirements of European quality standards and environmental safety. High-quality vinyl Windows will allow You to forget about the drafts and the blowout, will protect from street noise and help keep heat in the room.


What is plastic Windows?

on the plastic Windows are plastic housing, which is internally divided by partitions or chambers. The number of cameras depends largely on heat and sound insulation properties of Windows. By the way, you can purchase at very competitive prices.


Features double-glazed Windows

double-Glazed Windows are made of ordinary or special, e.g., laminated, glass. This glass is characterized by a high burglar, heat and sound insulation properties.

the production Process of laminated glass similar to the production process of automotive glass - two high-quality glass are interconnected by a layer of polymer. Another benefit of laminated glass, unlike regular glass during the kick it does not shatter into small splinters, and covered with cracks that remain in the film.

Modern technologies allow to create glass, which has excellent impact resistant properties, UV protection and fire resistance. Today this glass is successfully mounted in different building structures, including wooden window.

In General, glass consists of a transparent window element, which involves the construction of two, three or four panes, which at a certain fixed distance of each other to form a chamber. These cameras and window design provide a certain level of heat and sound insulation. Cameras are usually filled with air or, to improve the thermal insulation properties an inert gas. On all sides pour a glass Thiokol mastic that provides complete sealing.

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