How to help your child to develop?


in order to get your child started developing normally need to adhere to these rules:

  • don't be afraid to communicate with your child's speech adult. Talk to that child from the cradle, do not limit yourself to said AGU-GU. Experts say that communication with the child every day as an adult, can give an unexpected result for you. Talking about sports, cooking, travel cars, all that interest you and will interest your child.
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  • As tells us : "the ability to perceive information from children is much higher than that of an adult". Japanese psychologists say that adult criteria of complexity information for child development is not important, because a newborn infant is ready to accept any information. If your child is willing to listen to Vivaldi, Bach, do not think that he has not yet "ripe" for classical music. Therefore, I advise parents not to restrict the child, talk to him like an adult.
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  • Develop your imagination. Communicating with children, use imagination, be creative, to see the world through the eyes of children. Where to start? All children love to fantasize, they compare things that look grown-up mom or dad can not be compared, children endow ordinary objects with extraordinary qualities. Allow the children to live in your imaginary world, don't interfere, saying it does not happen ...
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  • Emotional development is important. Like all adults, children Express emotions, and you do not have to like everybody. Such as irritability, anger, indignation " be calm, despite everything. Do not ignore the child, and often need to take him in her arms, because tactile contact is very important in early development. Praise for achievements, encourage the child's interest. And yet, expand your circle of friends, so your toddler can explore the emotional world of other people.
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  • Fewer toys. the smaller the child the toy, the better. The founder of SONY, probably could buy their children the whole store of toys, but didn't. 1-2 child enough toys that you can change every day. Such a limit encourages the child's imagination and to focus on one thing.
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  • Creativity is everything. as early As possible give the child a pencil and a blank sheet. Let him draw a few curved lines, and then most likely tear the paper. For you this scrawl, and for the child the opportunity to Express and create.

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