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Today, it is difficult to imagine near PC kitchen stool or an ordinary chair. Razgovarivala on the computer, people often represent a large computer Desk, bright room (office) and a gorgeous fashionable computer chair. Moreover, chairs now are made of any designs, different colors, all interiors. But think that to choose a computer chair you need looking only at its form or color. There are a number of important points that you must consider when choosing a computer chair. Next, we directly talk about them and tell us about them Pavlov K. V. - member of the e-shop where you can buy ekonomicznie chairs for computer in Moscow.


What do You expect from computer chair?

it is safe to say that on this issue few people think. But specifically on him and you need to think about going to the store. You need to know exactly how much time you will spend at the computer, and already from this to identify what exactly the functions of the chair you need. Let's find out what kind of chair you need to purchase, based on the time spent at the PC:

  • if You sit at the computer 1-2 hours per day, You need comfortable, easy chair with minimal system adjustments
  • if You sit at the computer 3-6 hours a day, then You need an orthopaedic chair for PC, most adjustable and movable, the material should absorb moisture and be environmentally friendly;
  • if You are sitting at the PC 6 or more hours in a day, You will need to purchase an orthopedic chair for a PC with a synchronous mechanism that will change the position of the backrest and seat respectively to change These chairs are called ergonomic.

the Difference between ordinary chairs from ergonomic

By and large, the most predominant modern orthopaedic chairs for PC make on the principles of ergonomics, i.e., with every possible comfort. These seats are equipped with manual and automatic adjustments of height and depth, seat angle, backrest, etc. Upholstery seat: without toxic additives, is environmentally friendly, has the property of hygroscopicity. Some models have even a massager.


Functional features of ergonomic chairs:

  • Adjustable backrest
  • Headrest
  • Thickening on the back;
  • Adjustable armrests (height and width);
  • Thickened side edges of the seat.

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