Dosli development of: Yak correctly vcity ditinu pisati and letters?


St. hochut father, so the child they wrote beautifully, Shvydko , " correctly, vstupuje 1 Klas, Bula of razvedena not grse odnoklasniki.


S which VCU can pasinati learning and symathise right Yak?

Vcity children to school, pisati italics not Varto. TSE duzhe skladny process, attended by all important - and the correct landing, and the correct position of the handle, and the method of machining poyasneniya, I poost vivchennya letters, and many hoho. Ale pagatavo to Pisana that learning letter drukowanie larami may be one W napramku work W doshkolnitsa 5.5 to 6.5 years.
Integrated pagatavo to learning letter guilty of polegate in the development of motor skills, uwagi, zorov Spinetta, torovo memory at the other functions. The this may be, for example, the development of baby already from the 4-5 years. The usually up to 5-6 years children ready to scitica pisati drukowane ltere. In fact this VC can already poyasnite for them, Yak correctly pishutsya lari, I pokazivati devel anywaty principle napisanna drukowanych letters. More information you can read on the I site: .


Yak better organsaving learning process for baby?

I zavdannia All classes h of preparation to pisania W doshkolnitsa carried out only in grove form. And the axis of learning letter to skol vimage cause suseragent, with navcan in scal - this grow classes. In General, learning letter - TSE duzhe skladni I waiki process. The children often vynikajuci trudnos, POV associated not only W nedostanu sformovat motor skills, uwagi, torovo memory at, and th W Popham, W very high rate of vivchennya letters, W wymogami great vidcast pmana, W niezrozumia poyasneniya.


Yak, if I Navo you need to rozvivati doshkolnik?

Classes doskey W W preparation before the letter can be stennie, but trivati lachey 10-15 minutes. Special uvaga guilty prelates pravilni Posad, the correct position of the handle. Polst W study steps to writing the memo in detail in a obissa specjalnych posebnih the first books, that can dopomogty of the fathers.


Chi got the sense musuvathi ditinu pisati, yakscho Neji is not obtained?

Doshkolnik not can musuvathi pisati, a fortiori, yakscho not obtained . Better prelite pghotos your attention to the letter. And axis trademak learning the more senior children, for example in personlink, the need together with the teacher Rospatent the reasons trudnom I find most efective come of help.


That pomilki more often rablet batko, if independent VCAT ditinu the letter?

Key pomilki - CE samna of study to the letters I quality, baganda beauty on vcity ditinu pisati ECOMOG likely. Wherein the fathers are not Varto, zabuvati, that the sheet - TSE duzhe skladny navic, which Formosa Paulino and dougo, protham three - chotiroh years.

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