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the Logical question arising from the purchase of absolutely all things without iskljucene: "And why do I need this?". All the people who decided to join the rollers have a personal incentive in order to start to ride. But most importantly, the store salesman understand what you need and help you with choosing precisely "the same" models of rollers. How can you do that will tell us Pavlov K. E. - employee rollerski online store: labour.com.ua in which, by the way, you can .

To the question: "What can You do for me?", the seller behind the counter of the store will give you memorized: "rollers for speed skating, for fitness, for relaxation, for playing hockey, for agressive". It turns out roller skates so much...


Types of rollers:

  • to relax
  • fitness
  • children
  • slalom
  • ice skates for freeskate;
  • speed
  • aggressive
  • hockey
  • off-road.

in Order to simplify your choice, you need to ask yourself the question: "Why do you need those same commercials?". What more you want: to ride on the streets, parks, paths and to be mobile or "hanging out" on the 1st place, from time to time getting up from the bench and honing jumps and other spectacular chips?

to Answer this question very easily, but when You want to find out in fine detail than the various kinds of rollers differ from each other, and then appears vague answers and muttering something unintelligible under his breath! For example, here's a question that can stump 95% of sales consultants: "Why do I have commercials to relax to ride on the bearings are low grade and soft wheels, and, as a result, a lot of effort, if sports and fitness roller skates I can achieve the same results by putting in much less effort?" The problem of this issue is the interpretation of style that is based on a literal translation on Russian language for English. the names of the movies from the catalogues of manufacturers, that did not accurately reflect its essence. And similar issues can be a huge set. Good luck to all!

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