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Modern life cannot be imagined without a computer. We use it:

  • In production
  • the
  • learning;
  • the
  • On the rest, we seek the help of electronic computing machines (computers)
  • the
  • Personal computers for residents of many countries of the world have become familiar household devices like phones or TV;
  • the
  • Is a notebook and reference book, accountant and perevodchik, home teacher and guide, theater, and means of communication;
  • the
  • Personal computer will help us to buy a ticket on the train or plane, to send a telegram, to place a call, print text and so forth.

With the help of the international information network Internet VNTU student may work in the library of any University in the world, send an email to your relatives or friends in another country. It only needs to have a personal computer. If you are interested in computer repair, more information can be found on the website: .


the Convenience and ease of use of technology

the Spread of computer technology require new technical solutions. Improved ways of controlling the computer. Today with the help of the device "mouse" served the necessary commands to the computer. "Mouse" you can draw on the screen of the display, draw charts and graphs, perform operations on programming.

the Media in modern personal computers are compact laser disks with more memory. Print device - the printer with a computer can print quickly, quietly and efficiently any information.


What the future holds?

currently, scientists are working to create computer that can understand the commands of the man with the voice. Electronic circuitry in the new generation computers of a similar structure of the human brain. These computers are able to learn. In the near future, a computer user will communicate with the machine in their native language. This means that the computer will become more accessible and much easier to manage.

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