Dreams: some features


Sleep is one of the special conditions of the human body. Not only people can dream dreams, and many kinds of animals and even insects. There are plenty of interesting facts about dreams that are associated with them. We can cite over 100 points of interesting information about this phenomenon, but chose only a few of the most original and important, which undoubtedly is worthy of your attention. By the way, if you want to learn , you can do this on the website: http://www.nepoznannogo.net/sonnik/krysa.html.


Sacred meaning of dreams

In some points of human history, dreams were given a special and sacred values. So, during the reign of the Roman Empire separate dreams became the subject of consideration and analysis in the Senate, because it was regarded as those sent by the gods. The people who interpreted dreams, often accompanied by commanders directly to military campaigns in order to help owners to dream good or bad omens about the outcome of the battle.


a Dream is the basis for the creation of masterpieces

as for cultural heritage, the role of dreams is difficult to overestimate, because this theme was the basis to create many different masterpieces of literature music and even painting.


So what is sleep from the point of view of physiology, and the interesting process of dreaming?

We only remember 10% of all of our dreams, which you can see. After we woke up, we only have a few moments to, as they say "catch the tail" about 50% of the plot of the dream, but after a couple of minutes 90% of all information about dreams will be lost, and the meaning will collapse, as ordinary a house of cards.


the Blind also have dreams

People who have a severe visual impairment, and blind throughout her life, dreams, like all other men. But those people who are born blind from birth, unfortunately, we can't see the pictures in our habitual understanding, but also receive in dreams are very different kinds of emotions: the images in their subconscious are often formed through the smells, sounds, and even tactile sensations.

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