Is it possible to prepare independently for the exam?


every year before the delivery of the exam comes the difficult moment, when all intend to pass it successfully, but also to enroll in universities or institutes. When universities opened their own courses which prepare for the exam. On the Internet, as well as on poles, there are many advertisements from Tutors. We will try to help you understand, the better self-preparation, and where to stay when choosing a future candidate for in June you can come well prepared for the exam. By the way, you can help the center prepare for the exam "Five of five".



Payment for any preparatory courses, and private tutoring may not be available to all, so you can do self-training. But, however, you will need to realize that this exam preparation requires the utmost concentration and effort.


Test exam

Before you will decide to self-preparation for upcoming tests, useful to assess the existing knowledge, passing it test exam in the required subject you want to take. And this will allow you to clearly see the existing problems and will help to understand how do we plan future studies. Are held regularly at each school such a test exam, but also in different training centres, which in recent years appeared a lot. To pass this "probe" is currently not any problems, and do it can be anyone and absolutely any number of times and on all subjects. Also check out Soi can a degree on some sites that test tasks laid out in free access on various subjects.


the Nuances in the dust of tickets

Preparing for the exam independently, it is necessary to know the form fill all examination forms as incorrect filling may lead to unpleasant and fatal results. Also note that you should not perform the task immediately with part C, which is the most difficult. And those who can do this, and quite often just do not have time to perform all the main quests from parts A, B.



Self-study courses can not be called the most effective form of preparation, they can be suitable for students who confidently know the subject. To prepare yourself, much more difficult than preparing with a professional tutor or training courses. When you a hundred percent sure in your own abilities and also decided on self-training, should consult from time to time with a knowledgeable person to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

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