How to read books?


Your success depends on your work, continuous development. When you read really good books, you develop. If you gain new knowledge and experience, respectively, receive new vision. Sometimes people ask quite another question ? Answer you can find on the website:http://www.books.prof77.EN.

the Book is a very easy way to gain new knowledge and information, but if you know how correctly to read? Or remember the information, apply all my acquired knowledge to better absorb?


Why read the book?

in addition that they develop you as a person, and you gain new knowledge and experience, books have one very important feature. It is possible that you yourself have noticed that if for a long time, nothing to read, then you start to think slower, not so original and easy as before. In my head there is discomfort and confusion. All this directly affects your work. Once you start reading, speed of thought and clarity of mind returned to normal.

the Conclusion is fairly simple. The book is the same sports complex but not for body and for mind. They load you with the necessary information and allow you to keep your brain in good shape.


What you need to do during the reading?

  • carefully read the main parts of the selected text.
  • the
  • Passages that require special attention, read aloud.
  • the
  • Tell me you read only your own words.
  • the
  • Take notes.
  • the
  • Do stop and think about the question: what did the author want to say?
  • the
  • Rephrase some part of the text.
  • the
  • will Not miss communications that exhibit logical organization of the text, i.e., cause and result - the main problem is the right decision.
  • the
  • re-Read important passages several times.
  • the
  • Make your own conclusions about what was read.

Now, after learning how to read the book and to assimilate the information, you can begin active reading professional and fiction literature. Remember that self-development is a very important process in your life, because it helps a lot easier to live on to communicate with other people.

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