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Fast building - a means of saving construction

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older age, I well remember how it was in the Soviet Union - despite all the requests of the rulers to saving state funds, the money is often spent right and left brain. What to save, all around folk, General, and not his, so there is some savings, as well as the economical funds could possibly they say? There were words that were very much at odds with the cases, even though the slogan is well known: "the Economy should be economical". That is why frugal technology and all the innovation directly in construction often come to us for decades from the West. By the way, to order .


What is fast building?

the name maybe says. And it is those objects of the building, which is very fast to install, thus assembled and installed.

Typically, these prefabricated construction elements, reminiscent of children's designers - namely, the existing parts of the future are just ready for the operation of the facility are interconnected through certain technologies, thus forming the foundations, the floors, the walls, Perestenko and roof. The previously used - wood, concrete and steel structures. These materials are the by - now also built of wood, concrete, metal, but constantly updated with the perfect assortment of technology, thanks to which produced design data constructors construction.

BMZ are much cheaper than traditional building materials - bricks, logs, blocks of all kinds, as well as some technologies allow, even in addition to speed of construction, facilities to build higher, wider.


Wood designs

many of the sites referred to at home, directly from wooden structures use the so-called us "canadian" technology. It is notable that in the USA, Japan, Finland and Canada they build individual housing. And the absolute most low-rise buildings: warehouses, shops, service stations, apartment of two or three storey houses, offices. Almost all were built and are built of good wooden structures, mainly using timber. Also known as the technology and all the prefab building from insulated panels.


reinforced Concrete structure

All Concrete parts of buildings are used for the construction of foundations from Foundation slabs, wall panels, roofing, slabs. From these materials built individual housing, as well as the well-known "brezhnevki", "Khrushchev", "gym shoes"; and retail premises, hotels, workshops, livestock complexes, and warehouses. Buildings made of reinforced concrete, characterized by their cheapness and reliability.

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