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the Starter is a device that triggers a powerful car engine. It is a small electric DC motor with a powerful electromagnetic switching simple drive and a simple remote control, allowing you to quickly achieve the desired frequency of rotation of the crankshaft to start the engine. Starter, even with its small weight and its dimensions spins a massive flywheel very fast and runs all of the crank-piston group a big engine. The basis of such automobile starter are:

  • high-quality conventional motor current;
  • simple retractor relay
  • drive gear
  • the overrunning clutch.

Well, all motors, in turn, are both magnetic and electromagnetic excitation. Latest now:

  • more modern
  • lot easier
  • leaner
  • require less current;
  • also they have great speed, but at the same time, and much less torque.

Repair starters

All the checking and repair of modern starters and generators is performed with the use of high-quality specialized equipment. But the availability of parts in stock, allows you to perform repairs in the shortest possible time. For example, in Kiev, repair of starters you can order in special RELATIVITY "Auto-Start": . The advantages of this station are:

  • Professional inspection of the unit on a big stand;
  • Major repair of any complexity;
  • Preventative work
  • And the warranty on all work performed.

Starter as we already know, is a small device, it is necessary to start the automobile engine (diesel or petrol). As a rule, its life is limited to 5 years, after which either we have to change it, or good at repairing. It consists of 50 small parts, so the repair of the starters on the shoulder only the most experienced professionals who will always be able with high accuracy to efficiently determine what component has failed.

How can I prolong starter?

to Increase the operating period of the starter of course it is possible if to observe some simple recommendations today's professionals. For example:

  • If your car won't start within the first few seconds, you should be zealous and ruthlessly to turn the ignition key, hoping for a miracle. If your car does not want to start, is always a good idea to check the charge of your battery, and it is likely the fuel injection system, and quickly clarified that the cause of the problem is either in them or in the starter.
  • Always be very careful when passing through puddles or permanent repair of starters just inevitable ‒ such bathing can very seriously damage your unit. If you will also try to start the car immediately after all water treatments, the case your starter may crack, from simple temperature difference.

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