Setting up the printer via Wi-Fi router

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Sldom for Moblie phones, laptops and tablets to vysokochetkogo Internetu the printer, and then I privily. Now SOSM not necessarily briggate Dodoma for the Druk photos I documents. Can rozdrojovice pictures right W Tureckogo the hotel I radovati their rDNA, that balisilica home. But for paclite addition need your own printer to Internetu. Here mi ROZEREM, Yak TSE be using Wi-Fi. By the way, you can dantica more information on the I site: .


So, the begin Varto s Tsikh dvoh in:

  1. For a start you need to adjust them on finding router. In this you can dopomogty nstrukcja to the router. So Yak so belicena are many different routers, mi Nations control via stimulates not budemo. Spodviglo, what is it you have no problems vinicne.
  2. the
  3. After Yak wee nastupali router, smilevo go to Dallastown the MFP I paklausies to the point of access. H the printer settings also challenges fenicoti not guilty. The usually there all ntuthuko of course, and yakscho vynikajuci trudnos, znovu same, zortea to documentats printer, in particular - to nstructs of koristuvacha.

Usually need:

  • Vkljuciti the trap;
  • the
  • Vibrate mode pdclean "Fast setup" or "Automatic setting";
  • the
  • Prepisati m I point access;
  • the
  • Vkazati password, you ustanovili when Dallastown router;
  • the
  • Perevet I paternity web-key.

If all zrobili correctly, then z is guilty will reveal messages, that confirms the Yak, scho vie uville to the access point. I already after addition of eramosa drivers for the installation on the laptop or PC computer. For addition can christinia disk, in which isow Complect W printer, and can use Internet I ofitsiyniy the website of the company virobnika. In such case, you dovedetsja vkazati region of residence (just Viberti pravilni from the list) that necessarily VCAT the country.

After addition salesas viznitsa C mode of installation: simple or vibrati Varant. If you don't potrn filey, that will Visti on machin Martim vantagem, the better vibrate vibrato installation, skachati and ustanoviti only those, what you really need.

in General, all Yak, savedi. Then necessarily "viscocity" lorenzina the sake of, mi , CITMA I pagajusa. In process driver installation will periodically sprivate RSN Dolohov window, but the stench Nestle tipov, that there ncogo you salakati not guilty.

Prestou, bocinas installation drivers, immediately after eco vkluchaetsia avtomatichni Poshuk printer merezhi. After Yogo, viyavlennya you to dovedetsja klika rasv pogoditi W Tim, scho your printer znajshli, and that the same TSE, W Jakim you want pracowali and others After addition guilty vkljucitve restrac installing the printer driver, and seversen ako cinema shche raz "Dali" - I can work on nalogovaia merezhi. Dine, that perhaps, sche troch pokapatsya in deyakih driver settings for more productive work printer. Ale TSE vzhe ndial you should need to skin the printer.

After propoganda vsih Tsikh etapu you can smilevo paklauti sobi Marni printer I nalogovaia periasamy koristuvacha merezhi Wi-Fi.

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