Maintenance and repair of avtokondicionerov


today the system component is not even a luxury but an ordinary and very comfortable with modern equipment of a good car. Of course, always without air conditioning in your car is quite possible to do, but now no one will deny that his unique presence makes your trip to the car in very hot weather much more comfortable. The filling of the air conditioner is not very high, especially if always consider possible negative consequences, which always may result ignoring of this procedure.

the air conditioner Itself is one of the many varieties of high-quality systems of cooling of the cabin. If the car compare with a simple homemade conditioner enough time modern man is accustomed to observe in his apartment, feeding the conditioners never comes from the mains. The well system component is powered by the crankshaft of the automobile engine.


so, does That mean, think you?

But that means a very complex system cools a small amount of air through the engine and your car conditioners is also a part of the power of the same motor. Therefore, in modern cars, when the device of such cooling, you literally always feel the loss of so dear to you Newtons.


what can cause inaccurate or incorrect automotive air refueling?

will Give a few examples of possible consequences of poor filling of avtokondicionerov. If you take to pour the refrigerant in an insufficient number, it always creates the conditions in which the air conditioner operates with empty evaporator, such poor filling of air conditioning in the car can lead, eventually, to a very low suction pressure, and overheating of the compressor, in turn this will trigger the output of the unit from its normal operation.

additionally, when such incorrect filling of the air conditioner drops his entire performance. If, on the contrary already, to fill a lot more coolant, in this case, the automotive air refueling quickly overflows its condenser, and provokes the increase of pressure discharge, and there is a possibility of liquid refrigerant in the compressor, which leads primarily to damage of the valve.

extremely low cost of refills conditioning can be found in small repair shops, can lead to such undesirable consequences and, ultimately, lead to expensive repairs. If you are a resident of the capital and you need the filling of automobile air conditioners Kiev has many specialized service stations, for example, Auto-start, in which filling of automobile air conditioners at prices that correspond to the situation on the market and will not hit your wallet.

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