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All economic activities of some individual businesses and the country as a whole in a small but largely characterized precisely by the amount of the investment. The term investment comes from a simple Latin word invest , which means investment of some money. Now in a more broad and unusual interpretation of investment are a good investment of your capital to a small further increase. Investments have financial and economic its definition. More about this we will tell Petrov. - the editor of the site http://dm-investment.ru/, which, by the way, you can read and learn basic strategies.


help As an investment to earn money?

financial definitions investment is all kinds of modern assets (or funds) that invest directly in business in order to great returns.

Economic definition of investment is always possible to formulate so: any investment is simply the cost of establishing or expanding, as well as reconstruction and technical re-equipment of fixed capital it is, on a qualitative (multiple) changes in working capital. All changes in inventories depend mainly on the unique movement of the entire cost of your capital.

Investment in small facilities it is quickly of entrepreneurial activity carried out in different and unusual forms. The purpose of a good accounting analysis and simple planning investments certainly are classified according to various criteria.

financial investments are made even by small investments. Under the real investment people understand the investment of their funds in the real modern assets, both material and intangible (sometimes just investing in a decent intangible assets related to scientific-technical progress and modern that are characterized as innovative investments).

Under the concept of "financial investment" means the investment of their funds in several different financial assets, among which a very significant share sometimes is investing in securities.


Classification of investments

modern nature of participation in the large investment allocated both direct and indirect investments.

  • Under direct investment always see immediate large investment by the investor in objects of investment;
  • Under the concept of indirect investment know the investment others (i.e. investment funds or financial intermediaries small).

Also it should be noted that in the formation of investment strategy it is key objective is always to determine: the objectives of the investor, the methods and performance criteria. Now by and large the goal is simple investing can be boiled down to the usual preservation of the value of its assets or the achievement of growth for the whole of their value.

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