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a Third of his life, on average, each person spends in a dream. It's a well known fact and the physiological need of the body, which helps to restore lost power for a day and energy. All would be well, but as always there is one but it is possible if you meet the necessary conditions of healthy sleep. There are several, but the main, perhaps, is the existence of the optimal surface of the mattress. This production, which today has a wide species diversity. Therefore the choice of specific products and are among the most important in our daily lives.


the Concept of an orthopedic mattress

If we talk about choosing the right mattress, providing conditions for healthy sleep, we inevitably have to face the fact that they are all called orthopedic. It's a term that rather means the branch of medicine responsible for the study and solution of problems of deformation of the spine and skeletal system of man. Obviously, any domestic type of mattress that can be found today in the trading network, has to this term is extremely ambiguous attitude, if one can speak of such. Orthopedic properties, used by manufacturers of mattresses in a purely speculative marketing purposes, because this phrase makes the buyer the right subconscious reaction mattress will be to treat . This is so obvious as snow in winter.

One buyer should know exactly the correct mattress will provide to the owner optimum position of the spine during sleep. This, in turn, leads to the fact that disadvantaged (tense) nerve endings will be released , will be removed the tension of muscle tissue, to which they are suited, and fatigue. Hence, the right mattress is the key to good sleep, which is, in fact, achieve. So how does this product to choose and how does it happen, try to understand.


Types of mattresses

All sold in the market network, mattresses with orthopedic effect can be divided into the following types according to the type of work item, that is internal filling:

  • spring. This is one of the most popular and common types of mattresses. It is based on using a spring block, which under the weight of a person flexes, providing the optimal position of the spine;
  • Springless. The Foundation for these mattresses is used monoblock sheet of latex, foam rubber, coir, etc., or a combination thereof.

we should also highlight the first type, as it in turn is divided into two groups that differ substantially in their characteristics and ensure a proverbial orthopedic effect. Thus, there are:

  • spring mattresses based on the dependent block. They are called the Bonel , and they look like a classic bunch of metal springs. This is a classic scheme that is known to us by mattresses old and new budget models. To talk about any orthopedic effect is not necessary, since the deflection of the spring at one point, pulls the neighboring;
  • Mattresses based on independent spring block. It's the Golden mean, given the combination of price and quality. Unlike the previous type, here we're dealing with separate, independent from each other (i.e. physically unrelated) springs placed in separate pockets. This mattress provides a point impact, follow the contours of the body at the trough, leaving the spine in the correct position.

How to choose a mattress?

When choosing a mattress is not enough to be guided only on its type. Each product has its own specifications that affect the proper orthopedic effect. You need to consider the following points:

  • Geometric dimensions, which are selected under your bed;
  • the Hardness of the mattress based on the age, weight and the presence of pathologies spine;
  • Package included (winter-summer, the presence of a lamellar unit, mattress pad, etc.).

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