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Tell you ever wondered what part of life you spend sleeping? According to estimates, for sleep person spend 1/3 of his adult life. And on average, depending on the duration of life, it sleeps 15 - 30 years. Our dreams are:

  • gray and boring;
  • colored with an absorbing story;
  • soaked events of the day;
  • bearing any signs;
  • drawing pictures of the future;
  • transports us to the past;
  • nightmare
  • pleasant;
  • etc.

Yet for a long time for people the content of their dreams was a mystery. In different eras there were different interpretations of dreams. Today, for example, in the Internet there are many websites "dream books" that will help you to interpret your dreams. For example, you had a dog and you don't know what's that supposed to mean? Just go to the website: and the dream will be for you to read the book.

When people try to learn the meaning of their dreams, they first of all, try to understand what is prepared for them by fate and want to see in their future. Thus, correctly interpreted the dream can be a correct warning, a promise of prosperity, joy, emergency marriage or family happiness, but also a harbinger of death or illness. Variants of the prediction was and there are so many, and all of them gathered in the interpreters of dreams (dream books).

What dreams are associated with real events in human life?

When we are awake, all we have got a lot of information and the flow of inexhaustible and continuous. And the human mind needs to filter all incoming information, leaving in memory only the most relevant and important information. But nevertheless, people remember everything that was happening, and in minute detail. This is due to the subconscious, collects and analyzes all the information that enters. The human subconscious mind comes to the 1st plan when we sleep, where we unnoticed it returns information in the form of vivid images and actions that unfold before our eyes.

that is why it is very difficult to overestimate the importance of dreams, although we can not exclude the fact that sometimes the content of dreams is only a reflection of recent events, or is formed directly under the influence of vivid impressions of the day ended. But whatever it was, human dreams are an endless source of information. And the predictions that are made based on them, often come true.

So how can you decipher your dreams?

to correctly interpret your dream, you need to highlight the highlights and to decompose it into several components. Then you will need to call them 1-they are short, for example, "meeting" or "journey" to find it in your chosen interpreter of dreams. But we must remember that the real meaning of dreams is revealed only in the sume of definitions of the most vivid moments. Also, you need to pay attention to people, objects and animals that surround you in a dream — it may even be that they also mean something.

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