Children's party: what it should be?

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everything loving parents without exception want to throw your child an unforgettable holiday. To the day your baby was expected, 1st of all it is necessary to determine the shape of the event. If you make a holiday for children and adults, then menu, this celebration should be as full and dense. If the holiday is arranged solely for children, then you may be limited to sweets. No need to load a children's table salads and cutlets, enough simple snacks and chopped fruit. Among the sweets for celebration of your kid, you need to give the preference:

  • liver
  • cheese desserts
  • a light cake.

in Order not to forget anything before going to the store, you need to make a list of necessary products. Also worth finding out whether Allergy sufferers among the invited guests. To have your products not look corny, you can out fruit to cook more than one thread, and the pudding with jelly and original skewer. For chocolate lovers you can cook the fruit in chocolate. In order to do this you will need to peel and chop different fruits and then dip fruit in melted chocolate, wait until the details of the candy is dry and neatly arrange them on the plate.


Proper organization of children's holiday

In anticipation of the holiday for children need to take care of the entertainment of younger guests and the decoration of the celebration. This is a more adult holiday table does not need anything, and the kids can't sit in one place, so you'll need to come up with a moving and exciting competitions, during which kids will win prizes and have fun.

we Advise the maximum attention paid to mobile games. For example, you can:

  • right on his doorstep to give little guests the attributes of the holiday as magic wands and hats, hinting at the upcoming eat the miracles
  • ask all the guests to write their wishes, then you put in the box and in the end the birthday boy read it;
  • amuse your kids by using a common table that will tell the young guests, where sweet treats. Tip you can hide beneath the glued stars, and once the children find treats they will be able to place them on your own;
  • to tell kids the secret to cooking fabulous treats, telling, for example, the recipe for the cottage cheese.

lastly, If I want to give advice: "If you want to have an upscale celebration for your kid, then should be entrusted to professionals."

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