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all car owners sooner or later the question arises: which tire is better? . Today there are many varieties of tires, plus each season, manufacturers release new products. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, you need to understand the types and purposes of different types of tires. Let's look at what are the kinds of tires. And tell us about them Ivanov A. P. is an employee of the company GEPARD GROUP , which, incidentally, offers .


all the tires are divided into 2 classes:

  • off-road
  • road.

off road tires is used for off-road driving and poor quality roads. These tires area of coupling with a road is much worse than road counterparts, but a large number of grooves and slits improve their equality.

Road tires used on dry pavement. These tires are at their best when driving on a quality surface and along the routes. The tread pattern of this tyre is very simple, he has no more slots and grooves, but a very large area of the clutch enables the car with road tyres to drive safely on the highway.


By season of use tires are divided into:

  • summer
  • winter
  • all season (universal).

Summer tires. They have a hard texture, which affects their resistance to high temperatures (at high temperatures the tire is not softened, while maintaining excellent adhesion quality when riding on hot and dry asphalt.

Winter tires. Are: studless, studded and friction winter tyres. Tires of this type have a special elastic rubber, which enable them to tolerate low temperatures and still maintain their performance. For example, due to changes in the structure of rubber and new developments, studless and studded Gislaved brand tires have excellent traction qualities on winter roads. Also motorists who use tyres of this brand, appreciated for their high durability.

all Season (universal) tires. They believe is not safe enough, because their wear resistance is inferior, and winter and summer tires, and they are not capable to provide excellent traction when driving on snow and ice.


type of picture in the tread of the tyre is the following:

  • having a non-directional pattern;
  • having a directional pattern;
  • with directional asymmetrical pattern;
  • with an asymmetrical pattern.

tire Size

When you choose a bus to drive, you will need to know not only the conditions for their application, as well as their size. Depending on the wheel diameter and the brand of car, there are different sizes of tires. In most shops you can find tires R16, R17, etc. the Consultants of shop will help you figure out the right size tires and choose the best option for your car.

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