Radiation monitoring and radiation detection equipment

< p style = "text-align: left;"> In today's world from time to time there are technological accidents, as a result of the catoryh radioactive vykidayutsya or chemicals into the atmosphere. In such cases, taken hold. Modern radiation monitoring is a comprehensive solution to the problems of control of the spread of harmful substances ie timely detection. These include: environmental pollution, monitoring of possible levels of human exposure, environmenthave at various public and industrial facilities.

By the dosimetric control of radiation situation put forward some demands, and to implement them have been created different types of radiological equipment, among which, depending on the objectives of the control release a couple of major groups of products: < / p>
  • search devices;
  • monitors;
  • dosimeters;
  • detectors.

Search devices

Often, the search tools used for the detection of gamma-neutron and gamma irradiation (they have an identification function padionuklidov).

Lightweight search devices combine light weight and small size (they are made of impact resistant plastic). Devices in the metal enclosure used to work in the field. In addition, such devices can be built osnaschatsya dosimeter and vibrating.


Today, there are three types of radiation portal monitors:

  • road;
  • rail;
  • hiking.

This modular devices that have a high sensitivity to gamma-neutronnnomu and gamma radiation. Pedestrian radiation monitors are used for monitoring and verification: baggage, mail and people. Thanks to increased strength, rail and road monitors ekspluataruyutsya outdoors.

The dosimeters

It is the radiation monitoring devices that are neededto measure the power of ionizing radiation dose received by a person for a certain time (for example, for one shift).

Today, there are more than a dozen varieties of portable dosimeters: alpha, gamma, beta - and X-rays. In many of them, for ease of use, has built-watches.


ionizing radiation detector (scintillator) - it is a professional device that operates on the basis of phosphorus. This material react to penetration into its thickness ionizing particles by a short flash of light.

As a rule, scintillation detectors, register UQniziruyuschie particles more efficiently than the Geiger-Muller counter. Geiger counter - a gas discharge radiation detector (it automatically calculates got to ionizing particles).

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