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In Ukraine the word linoleum is called the same completely different floor coverings, natural and artificial, but both are equally elastic and release them either in rolls or in the form of tiles. Let's have more detailed talk about this flooring and tell us about it Ivanov A. N. - employee "Contract Floor". By the way, is an affordable choice for your home and office.

why and what made linoleum

  • Appointment. The scope of application and linoleum can be: domestic, semi-commercial and commercial. And if the first use is purely residential, the latter has an exceptional wear resistance that allows it to lay not only the apartment, but also in the office and even the school corridor. But, flooring is several times more expensive than domestic, so the cost of finishing the floor, for example, in your living room outrageous. But semi-commercial linoleum is often bought for kitchens, offices and hallways in apartments;
  • Material. The most common 2 types: PVC linoleum and natural. PVC is made from polyvinyl chloride with different additives. It is cheaper and natural, it should be noted, easier to care for. Also produce nitrocellulose (kolloksilinovy) and relin (rubber) linoleum, which are designed for use in public areas and are very rare . Natural made from: wood flour, linseed oil, lime, resin of coniferous trees. Looks beautiful, environmentally friendly, reliable, but really expensive.

What is linoleum and how it looks

  1. Format. Linoleum has a thickness of from 1.5 to 3 mm. The thinnest linoleum is a homogeneous (without base). With regards to the width, the market often can be found rolls of 2 - 4 meters, but also have broader and narrower. If we talk about length, we sell linoleum rolls (6 - 30 linear meters), from which the result are cut off pieces of desired length;
  2. Design. In addition to plain linoleum absolutely all possible shades, there are also linoleum decorated with a pattern:parquet, ceramic tile, stone, straw Mat, cork. In addition, there are even calico patterns. From homogeneous commercial PVC-linoleum different colors can be very easy to cut and make your own composition;
  3. Laying. Linoleum is made either on glue or without it (when the fixation is due to the double-sided tape and moldings). In public facilities such as spacious linoleum always glued to the floor. To seal the joints used commercial linoleum hot welding (in PVC-cable sealed in embroidered slit), or cold welding (using special glue). For home coverage, for example only cold method;
  4. Structure. Linoleum which has a single layer called homogeneous, because he homogeneous textura, structure and painted it on all their thickness. His plus is that he still wear his picture. Two - and multi-layer types of lenoliuma nazyvayutsa heterogeneous. They have a base (substrate), a decorative layer, and also, from time to time, and the protective layer. As the basis of linoleum: cork, felt, fabric, nonwoven material, foam PVC etc. In the wear resistance of heterogeneous commercial linoleum does not yield completely homogeneous. Household linoleum to the substrate is warmer and thicker household single layer of linoleum.

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