The ADR certificate: what it is and how to get

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ADR is a certificate which permits the driver to transport highly dangerous goods. Today we will talk about what constitutes an international agreement and in our country you can get . ADR - agreement, which was developed with the participation of the United Nations. This international harmonization of safety rules on the roads while transporting dangerous goods. Representatives of many countries within the framework of this agreement agreed rules, which must follow forwarders transporting goods in this category on the territory of these countries. While dangerous cargo is the one that can cause harm:

  • of life;
  • the health of others;
  • the environment.

This agreement is in effect in Morocco, throughout the EU, Kazakhstan, Russia, Azerbaijan and other countries.


rules of transportation of dangerous goods

Recognized by the international community, the agreement that regulates the transportation of dangerous goods is a complex document. It consists of the agreement itself and 2 applications:

  • In the 1st Annex contains a classification of dangerous cargo, which, in turn, includes a list of products, substances and other goods that could constitute a danger. This list is being updated and change regularly;
  • In the 2nd Appendix contains the list of requirements for the car, which transported goods of this kind.

of Course, these applications are very large, so they are divided into 9 parts. 1st the application has 7 parts, and the 2nd two. Parts, in turn, consist of chapters, sections and subsections.

the rules Regulating the carriage of dangerous goods ADR agreement, valid in all countries that have signed the agreement on cargo transportation. You also have to remember that all countries members of UN, in addition to the General safety requirements, can put forward additional requirements for the transport of dangerous assumptions on territory of their countries.


Transportation of dangerous goods on the territory of the Russian Federation

the Main requirement for the transport of dangerous parcels to the Russian Federation - is the ADR certificate of the driver, following proper international standards. Under an international agreement, there are 9 different categories of high consequence dangerous goods.

Also in Russia, in addition to the basic requirements for the transport of dangerous goods, there are also a number of internal documents regulating its moving on the territory of our country. In particular, there is a Temporary manual on the transport of dangerous parcels of different vehicles.

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