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As every civilized person Segodnya wears shoes, and his trusty companion "the iron horse", the car also has its shoestring - bus. Today we look at what they are. By the way, if you are a resident of Kazakhstan and do you need a reliable : shymkent.gepard.kz you will help to buy them. And so, back to the tires.


Summer tire

Data bus design given that they need to work optimally at zero temperature (at least +3 0 C). Often, in this type of tire used wear-resistant materials, which allow the use of such tires at high temperature of asphalt and at high speed.

the Tread of this tire in addition to surgical removal at high speed of water from under the wheels, and count on durability when riding on hot coating, good handling and noise reduction when driving your car.


Winter tire

Data bus design given that they need to work optimally at low temperatures.
the Structure and composition of this tire allows it to remain soft when the strongest frosts. The tread of such tires expect a quick removal of snow and snow porridge under the wheels. Studded tire of this type retains the car on the road covered with ledom. With all this handling and noise on the pavement these tires, often, specifically inferior to the summer options, though they are designing brand for other conditions.


all-Season tires

This type of tire is a compromise among a huge number of mutually exclusive qualities of road tires. This tire construction implies their effective operation and at low and high temperatures. The structure of the tread of these tyres and rubber compound must meet both winter and summer driving conditions, which is achieved, in principle, impossible. That is why the protector all-season tires and the rubber compound has something in-between winter and summer tire. Because on driving performance data of the tyres are inferior to many summer and winter models, they do not enjoy great popularity among motorists.


Tires for SUV

This type of tire can be attributed neither to summer nor winter tires because of their design specifically for driving on rough terrain, not for ordinary road use. These tires have a strong frame, they are based on very dense rubber compound, also has a tractor tread, which can cling to even the most rascislau dirt. Such a construction of the tire allows to ride on a full off-road and you won't need to worry about what you can poke a hole in the wheel with a stick or sharp stones.



In most cases, these tires are manufactured by special order and strictly meet specific needs. Often such tires interested in:

  • riders to have the opportunity to demonstrate their special capabilities in Motorsport;
  • companies that handle the transport of special cargo (very fragile or very heavy);
  • space Agency who bought these tires for its aircraft, as well as for work on other planets.

But frequently only these tyres produced for advertising purposes to manufacturers of tires to demonstrate their own capabilities. These tires may have any shape, be made of the most expensive and rare materials.


tire Construction

all Brand tires for cars structurally are divided into 2 types: radial and diagonal. But almost all tires that you can now be found on sale radial. This design is well proven in continuous operation and today it is the best option for the production of durable and light tires. Also all the tyre - tubeless, it is easier to mass and have a positive impact on the handling of the car.

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