The benefits of higher education in Australia


As for the country where he lives, about 19 million people in Australia's higher education system is very well developed. There are 37 public and 2 private universities in which studies with a total of 600 thousand students. More than half of them are full-time students. For example, in 1998 in Australian universities studied about 75 thousand foreigners. In universities there are both bachelor and postgraduate studies. The most popular are the following courses: Economics and business administration, and business. Next in popularity are located in the arts, Humanities, natural and social Sciences. After them there are technological and engineering professions. Learn more about studying in Australia can be found on the website: .


the benefits of education in Australia

  • the Australian diploma is recognized and appreciated worldwide;
  • a Flexible system of vocational and higher education in Australia provides the opportunity to develop for each student a program of learning in accordance with individual characteristics. Training institutions Australia has developed a few schemes that allow everyone guaranteed to join them for high school. Admission procedure new students here is simplified and accelerated;
  • In Australia the cost of education is around 35 - 40 % less than the cost of studying in Europe and the USA. Most of the local curricula according to their quality is in no way inferior to the American, British and canadian counterparts. So, 1 year of training at the Australian College will cost you about $ 15 thousand to 18 thousand, and at University - in $ 15 thousand - 25 thousand;
  • Australia is absolutely safe and friendly country. The crime rate here is among the lowest in the world;
  • In his spare time, priezzhie students aged from 16 years are entitled to legal part-time job (but up to 20 hours per week), they can earn $ 8 - 13 per hour
  • the money Earned will be enough for accommodation, expenses and meals;
  • the Cost of living here is about 20% lower than in other English-speaking countries. You can make the payment in installments;
  • while training children in Australia, their parents have free access to their children;
  • Students who successfully complete their training institutions Australia, will receive the excellent prospect of employment;
  • the food here two times cheaper than in Europe and America;
  • there are great opportunities for rest;
  • Australia is an ecologically and socially prosperous country.

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