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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Probably every student has repeatedly dreamed that happy day when he finally graduated from high school and be able to start an adult life. Hinally, unlike many others, this dream comes true always, and then comes the understanding of what adulthood means adult problems. Certain shelving them for a few years is to continue the training. How to choose the right institution - talk today.

The beautiful dreams and harsh reality

It is not a great discovery that the present younger generation is much more practical than a few decades ago. Today, children are much less likely to dream about the profession astronaut, a doctor or a teacher. Romance - a good thing, but always want to eat. Lust and widely sung in modern movies professions are:

  • lawyers;
  • economists;
  • bankers;
  • gangsters and their wives.

However, in higher education institutions in the bandits still, fortunately, is not taught. As for the other « prestigious» professions, that before choosing one of them, you should consider taking into account the economic realities of our country - then you will be able to find a job. And what specialties are in demand today, and whose representatives work harder to find, we will tell Elena Gavrilova - the author of the blog « About Accounting plain language & raquo ;:. According toMs. Gavrilova, the best chance to find a job in Rostov have representatives of working professions.

Permanent demand for construction specialty:

  • painter plasterer;
  • plasterer, tiler;
  • Truck crane and excavator.

At the heart of employment always has an application for such specialties:

  • electric and gas welder;
  • mechanic on car repairs;
  • Electrician;
  • Santahnik;
  • driver;
  • Carpenter;
  • machine operator woodworking machines;
  • turner;
  • dealer;
  • a waiter;
  • cook;
  • guard;
  • comprehensive building maintenance work;
  • conductor;
  • seamstress.

As for the « intelligent » professions, the job for them is not enough. Certaindemand chief accountants, engineers, specialists in different fields, but the representatives of these professions are special qualifications. The hardest thing in Rostov employment to graduates of local universities, teaching staff, radiomontazhnikam, machine. Not often needs to « prestigious» lawyers and accountants.

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