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Onoday we'll talk about the inspection in genikologa and tell us your point of view, Ivanov AP - gynecology physician and editor of the site of the female breast:. Female doctor most women are afraid of how the fire. And this is not surprising, because when I think of my first visits to the gynecologist, it is still the soul becomes ill. Above all, nevnimatelnost many doctors shocking.

I remember that very few of them asked me if I had sex in the past, and am sexually active. And only on « & raquo ;, chair in the hands of the doctor appeared Instruments (mirror) I was horrified and said with tears, that I'm still a virgin. Unfortunately, with these endlessChanges needed for the constant trips to the doctors. And in the medical institutes, trust me, none of the teachers (except, perhaps, the individual) does not teach future doctors how to conduct a pelvic examination that there is « inside » search and find. What happens in reality most often? Here's how these tough ucheplyatsyas, hard fingers, not only exerts abdominal wall, and so sore that did not keep shouting. « Oh! What you have inflammation of the ovaries! God, what is your weight in the field of appendages! This is a terrible inflammation! &Raquo;.

Of course, it does not agree with the verdict, if it is really so painful,when the doctor pressed on the stomach and something matzah? And when they find « greater erosion » and talk about cancer, which is not far off, about infertility or ectopic pregnancy, the doctor guaranteed the most, life seems so insignificant and terrible. Sound familiar? It is very familiar pattern. All we described very accurately! And why is this happeningt? And everything must be right?

What are the gynecological checkups and how often they should take place, and that they can find. Some will be surprised that I am the doctor put such questions. Today we talk about preventive examinations, but through the prism of women's health. For me, a gynecologist, had all this businessI am, because I was a big responsibility for the identification of hazardous conditions of the skin, breast, reproductive system or rectum. Regarding the examination of the rectum, the main objective is the identification of suspicious polyps and masses. There should be appropriate training, which most doctors are not.

Regarding inspections Molocing glands now there is a lot of conflicting evidence, and in fact, in most countries they are not routinely recommended. Why so and not otherwise, as it was a few years ago? 15-20 years ago in developed countries received large scale wave of early detection of breast cancer, which are so afraid of women in Europe and America. While the activno spread information on how and when women should check their breasts, as well as family doctors should do breast exams. At that time, such measures seemed to be very useful and necessary. However, only it seemed. And action to combat breast cancer has supported a lot of people, as well as various institutions. Logically, such examinations should have parationality, but experience has shown very different results.

Is it somehow a positive impact on the number of cases of breast cancer? But how do I know these figures are only grow.

When passed 10-15 years, doctors have begun to compare the results of levels of breast cancer. Again, according to the laws logsKey in this mass coverage of women's routine inspections, the level of detection of diseases should rise because more women and doctors take care of the breasts and the greater the chance just diagnose serious diseases of the mammary glands. Is not it? It turned out that is not the case.

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