Moulin Rouge (Paris, France)

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Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is the phrase, which excites the imagination and draws the most vivid images before my eyes. This Parisian cabaret is one of the attractions of France. This small world of holiday and beauty is located on the Boulevard de Clichy, near the Place Pigalle.
France ParisIn the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret was born the famous dance - cancan.  By popularity night institution competes with such attractions, as Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, which gives it the right to be one of the symbols of Paris, and even of the whole France. Moulin Rouge is a symbol of the brightness of life, creativity, beauty, holiday, true pleasure and depravity.
Moulin Rouge cabaretIn October 1889 for the first time in a cabaret "Ball Moulin Rouge" boiled life and began to play music. According to its scale event does not concede the French Revolution.
Translated from the French Moulin Rouge means Red Mill, such name cabaret got in honor of a wooden windmill with red blades, which crowns the building of the theater. Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler were the founders of the theater, they have dated its opening to Moulin Rouge parisIndustrial fair. The main idea of ​​this innovative institution - is quadrille, which was later called " French Cancan": graceful movements, which cause the views, skirts soaring in the air which open for public viewing showy long legs and seductive openwork stockings with garters. This absolutely obscene for those times entertainment made a revolution in established representations of people about the night life of Paris.
Moulin Rouge cabaret in ParisThe whole French capital spoke about the Moulin Rouge, everyone wanted to go there, like there was no other establishments in the city. The first thing that stunned visitors of cabaret - was its unusual interior, where modern and surrealism combined with antiques and antiquity. Today we can learned about the stars of the Moulin Rouge mainly from the posters, which were created by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a frequenter of the cabaret. The first stars of this famous institution were: Louise Weber, Yvette Guilbert, Nini-Pat en L'Heureux and Jeanne Avril.
Moulin Rouge franceDuring the hot summer days in 1893 two students Sarah Brown and Manon Lavil completely stripped on stage under the music first performed a striptease.
In 1915, at the Moulin Rouge cabaret occurred fire and it burned down, but in 1921 it was repaired and opened to visitors. In 1937 it became a night club, and thanks to Robert Harman became more modern and fashionable. During the Second World War, the Moulin Rouge has suspended its work, Moulin Rouge cabaret in Francebut after the war bright shows again started to delight the audiences.
In order to add to the spectacle also the "bread", in 1959 was established a new hall with a well equipped kitchen, which made it possible to offer visitors a "dinner-show". Already from 1962 the Moulin Rouge belongs to Jackie Clerico, who now is its director. Since his arrival everything has changed in the life of a cabaret: hall expanded, appeared impressive huge aquarium, and the first water ballet, in which were involved naked dancers.
Moulin Rouge Red MillIn this well-known theater often performed such great stars, as: Elton John, Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra.
In 1990 Red Mill found itself in financial crisis, but shooting the movie " Moulin Rouge" in 2001 gave back its former popularity.
At present, the total area of enchanting theater counts 2500 square meters, and its capacity is 850 guests.

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