White magic

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White magic

White magic is the magic of the planets and stars. Unlike black, white magic in its actions turned to God and the Angels, but it also has elements of witchcraft.White magic Both sorcerers and mages, which we call white, cry out for help to the spirits of air, fire, water and earth. White Magic is thinner science and much more complicated than the black, so there are no a lot of white mage. In white magic in the first place stands the personality of the magician, not the technique of ritual actions.

White magicianDisadvantages of white magic is considered our imperfectness of personality and elements of witchcraft. At the end of the ceremony white mage makes an attempt to convey his feeling to the man, whom is under impact. This feeling is dependent on the hour and the day of holding the ceremony. This may be a desire, hatred or love. Here appears some controversy.

magicEverybody has different neuropsychic communications, so the feelings which magician inspires you, and feelings which arise in you will be different. So passionate love is apprehended as friendship, love, or sex drive. Hate is apprehended as hostility. Its impossible to convey more deep feelings by magical powers. White Mage is not God, but only his likeness, therefore his powers are limited. They are limited by our own imperfection and the God's will. God protects righteous people from the impact of white magic, as well as from the impact of black magic.

magic amuletAny kind of magic is man's attempt to change the world through the power of his own mind, to arrogate himself part of possibilities of the Creator. The spell of Father God does not indicate that the white mage follows the will of God, rather he interferes God's will. magic talismanWhite mages, of course, will not incur so severe punishment, which is destined to black magicians, but still they go against the Almighty. Moral principles of white mages are high, they often confront witches, remove spoilage from the people, without realizing that they do not fight against evil by doing this.

magicThus, we can come to the conclusion that white magic - it's just another error. And, despite the fact that white mages think that they helps God, in really this is superfluous and useless help. Such people only interfere the Lord to do His righteous judgment. Let's talk about a love spell in white magic. In a love spells mages involves light forces from another world, in contrast to black magic, where the darkn forces are involved. In black magic is used human blood, hair of love spell victim. What is a love spell with using a white magic, which is used by even beginners?

magicIt is based on reading a certain number of prayers which are devoted to the family and love. Carry out the rite with using religious icons and candles. Surrounding environment must be favorable, radiate calmness and tranquility. The rite of a love spell assists in returning of the lost warm relationships, love between the husband and wife. It stabilizes and strengthens the feelings. White magic as if pulls together enchanted person with those person who have committed White magica love spell, helps in making the right decisions in the relationship. Love spell, carried out with the help of this kind of magic, makes feeling strong, refreshing them, gives a chance to restore peace and tranquility in marriage, to achieve harmony and prosperity.

magic bookIt is believed that white magic has no a dirty trick in its actions, and therefore can not give any kind of negative effects. Bear in mind that the result will not be instantaneous, its time is not clearly marked, it can manifest itself for a week, but maybe after year. The action of the black magic is manifested instantly, but the consequences will lead to pitiable result.

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