How to choose a high-quality sausage?


The sausage has always been one of the most popular products in the consumeYale basket of the Ukrainians. Today, the shops and crammed with his massive range of sausages for all tastes and budgets. However, high-quality meat products in this variety is very difficult to find.

It will help us in this razobratsya Ivanov PR - employee e-shop 'Fashion Food' is the delivery itemRecreatives Products from Europe:

  1. manufacturer, by law, must indicate the composition of the product on the packaging, and all components are listed in order of their number. If the first list contains pork or beef, then it is good;
  2. It is better not to buy the sausage, which is lyingla on the counter cut or vonzennym price tag - so she will not sustain the life of the;
  3. safety checks held products and goods in the stores, as well as formally registered trade market places. So think before you buy meat products from the hands.
  4. The sausage must be not less than 60% of meat - for articles II and III class and 100% high quality raw meat sausage premium. However, the current" miracles "of food technologies allow to make sausage, in which even a hint of meat is not ;
  5. Producers receive "meat" product by Dobadetecting fillers of plant, animal and artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors, and, if lucky, meat up to 20%;
  6. Meat processing companies often use fatty materials together with emulsifiers and stabilizers in the so-called traditional types of sausage,and to give color and flavor to meat used spices and flavors, dyes, which grossly violate the requirements of state standards.


So, Nina Khramov - leading microbiologist test center SE "Rovnostandartmetrologiya" draws attentionthat, unfortunately, there are cases when the sausage is not safe from microbiological point of view:

  • Violation of sanitary regime of production creates the conditions for the entry of E. coli in foods, and with insufficient heat treatment in the manufacturing process and storage products in the paceture above 10 ° With   - These bacteria rapidly grow and multiply. Meats can cause outbreaks of staphylococcal food poisoning;
  • The pathogens and pathogens are not visible to the naked eye, they do not alter the appearance of the product. Therefore, if you are in doubt asproduct - it is better to throw it away than to risk health. Violations are sometimes very difficult to control, because the new colorings and preservatives appear too quickly. They are not listed in our standards that remained from the Soviet Union.


From the first in January 2010 enacted gosudarstvennye standards of Ukraine (DSTU) on the main groups of sausages. These standards specified requirements for varieties of sausage products, depending on the use of raw materials, its grade and the nutritional value. Standards set new rules for manufacturers, namely:

  • to learn to work with meatth raw materials;
  • to comply with the terms of the manufacturing operations, such as the maturation of meat and minced meat (which will make it possible not to use MSG, dyes and stabilizers);
  • the right to carry out roasting and smoking;
  • remember whattrimming meat (split by grade).

Compliance with these standards will force entrepreneurs to produce quality products.

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