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Today we learn how quickly and easily learn the Polish language. And helpus in this - Lodz AN teacher Gorde Language Center, by the way, is the best. My experience includes teaching Polish for 3 years. During this time I was faced with many interesting people who have always had a unique way of learning the language. Each had their excuses about the undone homework and their odto distortion of Polish words - :). During my collaboration with students, I had grown accustomed to the three main stumbling blocks that come across on their way to a good proficiency in Polish. So:

1. "Polish - it's easy, because it is similar to the Ukrainian".

Of course Polish and Ukrainian languages ??are similar.Galicians tend to understand the Polish general is not difficult, because in our dialect has a large number of borrowings from western neighbor: a cup, a colleague, COBIT and others. However, speaking in Polish - is another question. Very often I hear from clients phrase: "I'm like a dog - all understand, but I can not say." And when they come for the SALToenie language somehow believe that if a little twist Ukrainian word, add a sizzling and put the accent on the second syllable from the end - they will certainly speak in pure Polish, even without an accent. To some extent, many Polish words - it is the same Ukrainian (or Russian), but with a different emphasis. But to be able to "twist" Ukrainian leksikoy so as to obtain Polish, you need to have for a considerable knowledge base, or your speech is funny.

Here is a small list of Polish words that are radically different from Ukrainian or have a different meaning: Tomorrow, peach, raw, clean, entertainment, occupation, circumstances,question, the condition ( jutro, brzoskwinia, surowy, sprz?ta?, rozrywka, zaw ó d, okoliczno?ci, w?tpliwo??, warunek ).

2. "I know that the word"

When my students to the level of proficiency A1 Polish texts read or perceived by the ear, they usually ponimawith 50% -70% of the text. And it seems that they understand all of 99%. Do not underestimate the difference between the two languages, it can sometimes be substantial. However, the main problem is that you may know how to translate some specific word from Polish to Ukrainian (a guess), but when you want to apply it in his speech, theyou can not reproduce it from memory. In this case, we go back to the stone №1 and begin to turn the Ukrainian words. I laugh of his disciples, when instead of the Polish brzuch (bzhuh) - stomach, I hear something like "live" or "Givat".

Here's a small dictionary to see how some Polish words understandable to Ukrainiansto: girl, month, walk, lake, meat, train sound, the angle, the heat, the site ( dziewczyna , miesi?c, pieszo, jezioro, mi?so, poci?g, d?wi?k, k?t, ciep?o, dzielnica ).

3. "Grammar? Why ..."

Polish GrammarOn the language has its own characteristics, which are often difficult to study, so many do not pay enough attention to her. But if you really want to speak the language at a good level, some of the nuances just need to remember. For example, if you do not know the conjugation of verbs, the phrase "on je" is often perceived in the Ukrainian language as "he ", though in fact it means" he eats. "On the contrary" on jest "in Ukrainian sounds like" he "and not" he eats, "as many may translate. I remember once I was preparing control of children in school, and at the end of the lesson one of the students asked why: "?wi?ty Miko?aj te? je manarynki" (Saint Nicholas and Mandarinand)? - Although the proposal refers to the fact that it also eats Mandarin).


So, if you begin to learn the Polish language, try to circumvent these obstacles. Do not twist the words of Ukrainian, Polish is better remembered, because it is not at all difficult. Every day, learn new words and remember alreadystudied, and when there is a word the meaning of which you are unsure, it is best to check it - and will be remembered. Spend enough time grammar - it is not always interesting, but necessary. And most importantly, eat tongue, with pleasure - :)

This is all of course remind you and your instructor. But if you took to selfhoodoyatelnoe learning the language, do not forget that this is a complex process that requires a lot of effort. You first need to consider the entire process:

  • to find books ;
  • atfor a month to paint Topics sessions (which can be done with the tutorial);
  • found on the Internet for additional sources where you could listen to the live speech (I advise you to start with a view of animated cartoons).

Remember, hit requires a systematic study of the language, because if you're engaged in long intervals, each time have to start from the beginning. And it does not save time.

I hope this article has become useful to you. I wish you success in learning the language, and most importantly - fun in the process.

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