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Closer and closer to our chosen winter. With the onset of cold weather, we try to go out less oftenon the street, less than walking, and therefore, will move less, and it is possible to eat more. What does it lead - eloquently show advertising various fat burners, which are most often appear on the eve of summer vacation season. However, his favorite body can be up to the sorry state, and not to bring, if the time to download eof additional exercise. Where this can be done in Rivne - talking about today.


Today in our city has about twenty gyms. However, for the experts, well, that is equipped with the number of simulators that you want to work with SunEMI muscle groups, only three - four. As for the professional clubs, where they could grow up future champions of the world, these, unfortunately, not at all in Rivne. One-time activity in the clubs is an average of 20 - 25 hryvnia, monthly subscription - 180 - 250 hryvnia. The nice thing is that most of the clubs do not limit the time spent in them, and when buyingke monthly subscription owner can engage in a hall almost every day and around the clock. But the showers with hot water has not in all rooms, as well as qualified instructors who could provide intelligent advice or help the newcomer make an initial training program.

How to swing muscles?

There-Mu tell about the features of swing muscles, I asked the president of the Rivne Bodybuilding Federation, an athlete with many years of Alexander Libaka, which occasionally can be seen at the club « Favorite & raquo ;.

According to him, a flash of love rovenchan to work in the gym rooms comes with a certain periodicity, which imeeie its ups and downs. Recently, in the halls of the city there is a revival, and there was a lot of newcomers. If you want to fill their ranks, you should know that you first need to see a doctor, because there are certain medical conditions to work with loads. In addition, it is necessary that the expert examined the spine and if there IScurved at or displacement of the vertebrae - always correct them.

The road every potential Schwarzenegger has to go to the store, or newsstand. After all, in order to deal with yourself, you must first learn from the experiences of others. Alexander advised to pay attention to specialized publications - one of the best of thesemagazines, which comes out in 70 countries - « Muscle & Fitness & raquo ;, women help « Miss Fitness & raquo ;, among Ukrainian publications trustworthy "Muscle Sport" and « Fitness Review » (there are an average of 35 - 50 hryvnia). These logs can be found all interested heavyweight - from the finished programs to the Council on Nutritionu.

By the way, if you decide to seriously deal with the construction of the body, is to eat balanced. The main thing to have in your diet had more vitamins and protein. If the usual dishes to achieve this difficult, you can use any multi-vitamins and protein. Well proven manufacturer for sportvnogo power Dymatize (), although it expensive, but very high quality. The average monthly rate supplements (not steroids!) Needed by athletes to build muscle fast, is from 600 to 2,000 hryvnia, depending on their number and country of origin. Of course, you can do without them, but then the visible results of studies come nozzhe. In general, a certain effect can be expected no earlier than a month of training, the achievement of its goals (weight loss, muscle building) requires a much longer period, provided regular training.

The recommended load - a 45 minute sessions three times a week. From a physiological point of view, Luchshee time to practice - from 15.00 to 16.00. Teenagers younger than 15 years of bodybuilding is not recommended.

By the way, this supposedly purely masculine sport and engaged many women, however, the purpose of their activities are often not build muscle and reduce body weight, which is achieved by special programs. You should also know thatthe first two weeks, until the last adaptation to stress, you can not lose weight, but even a little bit to gain weight.

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