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Despite the still high riskiness of investments in domesticenterprise, all forecasts in recent years reduced to one: the means to invest in the Ukrainian business is profitable and will soon invest in businesses gain widespread. In addition, if earlier, talking about investors, we mean only foreign financial institutions, today gradually become more active domestic investors. Given ethat businesses need today to prepare for the attraction of investments in the business. about where to find an investor, visit the website:

The choice of the investor

Of course, that entrepreneurs applying for investment, first and foremost concerned about how their companyI meet the expectations of investors as "ask" money so that they get. However, we should not forget the fact that the investor should also carefully examine that there are no differences of opinion when it is too late. First you need to collect the maximum amount of information about its past investments, to understand what he sees his role in the InvestWann business, whether it will try to control it, or only when needed, at the request to help. You also need to take into account that the investor will bring in the business, but money. For example, to attract a strategic investor with a global scale and international business ties can greatly promote the development of the business and its vyhodo to the next level.

What is the investor's interest?

In order not to waste time on futile holding negotiations should be attractive for investors to identify sectors and size of attachments that it may be of interest. For entrepreneurs, it is important to realistically assess the extent to which their business can zainteresovat particular investor. For example, if it is a young company in possession only have lots of ideas, talks with institutional companies are unlikely to be productive - in this case it is better to look for investors in the informal market of private capital, the so-called "business angels". If we are talking about big kapitalovldix - better to look for investors abroad. Investors tend to have a clear understanding of the expectations of the companies in which funds are invested. Professional investors invest primarily in terms of three - five years, and return on investment should be not less than 30 per cent per annum, although this figure is adjusted dependentspine of the riskiness of the project.


After the final selection of the investor, which will suit you and which suits you, it is important to properly prepare for a meeting with him. In contrast to the common point of view in order to attract investments in the business, the presence of even a brilliant business plaon the company's insufficient. And in cases where the business for a long time and is known to exist on the market, it may not be necessary, the main thing - clearly present your company. To do this, create an interesting, and most importantly true story about a company, for example, in the form of an information memorandum. But during negotiations with the investor must first Accentacce attention on issues that are important to investors.

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