Interview with the translator of fiction


Today we talk about nrofessii interpreter and tell us about her Vasiliev AP (employee "ABI Lengvidzh Services", one of the best).

- How did you become an interpreter?

From myself leaving, always looked for those forms of expressions that would bring me pleasure and cause the impression that I particularly needed. From there - my POEmatic creativity, teaching is my job, my perevodchestvo. Although the translation do not believe, and ignore the translation. I try to adapt the text, is not without its own stylistic orientations. I do not believe in translation, I'll say it again, please learn languages, to become greater than his origin, and when it is not necessary - it does not matter, work, live.

- C asOn the language (s) you transfer and what?

entered the Faculty of Moscow State University I became a choice: get another additional specialty - foreign language. Choose between the two: English (ignored) and Poland (it was accepted). Although at present these two languages ??fed me howtheorist, and author of the transformer. Polish poetry brought me still suffer over and Tadeusz R??ewicz Byaloshevskim. Together with me, I studied my colleague Natalia Lobas with which we are still working in tandem on translations of contemporary Polish literature for instance, transferred, brought in Russia showed a very non-standard Polish poetPyotra Machezhinskogo book which should appear in this year's Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. It has long dreamed to translate something from English, here is a small reserve of Jim Morrison, Ezra Pound, is now focused on the Australian authors.

- Tell us a little bit as you approach the work, shifting the novel, but a collectionWell, a collection of poems. What are the similarities?

I do not translated yet nothing significant poetic. Usually interested in poetry, collecting Poetry Library, writing poetry and translating poetry. I hate everything else. Maybe this will lead me to the hatred of the other. I am glad that today I grieve because of what tomorrow will bring me joy. Text OAPColyaet me to co-author, the text can be and should be discarded, re-expansion, rewritten, again uttered. I am indifferent to the: truth, accuracy, rules, principles - I'm the author and I am above grammar, no matter how toxic would not be my texts and ideas.

- How do you get the order? With you contact the publisher?

I work as a publisher, coordinates publishing "Step". I choose texts invents them prospects, myself find translators. Although all occur naturally. For example, Pyotra Matsezhinskogo know ten years, when still gave literary samizdat "ZVIRSHI." I began to translate it for a long time, but poetry still was not enough. Along with N. Lobas ms completed a large piece, and now we will give out. Mystery and or intimate relationship between the author and the translator - a good thing, of course.

- You most attracted to the translation profession, what are its benefits?

Translated, entrepreneurship and sexual relationships - relationships of one kind. itcontact with another being, when both sides get what they want. Mutual, speaking Catholic terms. The most offensive, as in any work that the author sometimes tries to book with a translator of his work, and then the translator becomes a serf. I am against this state of affairs. Translator, relying on his own responsibilitbe and taste, transforms text and time coordinates. Then it makes sense. It takes me and I want to create text, dig into it, open it, study it praґmatiku, synthesize it and show others.

- Does it make sense to put a question to the author of a work that is you translate? < br />
Yes, sometimes this has neobhodimosIt is that difficult to understand the intention of the text. Once this situation was considered problematic when the text was open enough to understand. Then it could be considered improper, cut from the literature and throw. No, now it's OK, and literature freely. The modern text raises many questions for the reader. They claimrihoditsya decide translator. Just a shame when the translated text is solving problems that seem simple and unnecessary.

- The experience and the knowledge and quality are particularly important for the translator of fiction?

The translator must be able to jump from the bridge into the river, stealing children ice cream, Mothers in the theater to escape from the police, to drink vodka in public, bearing in mind that it should be free from the conventions. The dirt norms it will only machine that will soon replace the computer. Who needs it, without their own view of things, to texts, to yourself?

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