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One and a half years I had to live in Japan. As the hero of limestoneOn film: « East - a delicate & raquo ;. He really was right - I'm convinced of this on their own experience. About Japan can say a lot. To begin with, it's really one of the most developed countries of the world. But while Japan has kept its historic character.

It is a country of pleasant things, and excellent service. The first thing that amazedAET is relevant to you as a person. Wherever you go, you never flamed not nahamlyat and will help in all possible ways. I'm not talking about the shops, restaurants and similar places where people do business and want to get money for it - it's obvious. I mean, government agencies, police stations, hospitals. ATour country, when you come to the officer of any rank, you always feel like a low-level - to those who ask, and in Japan, any official, even of the highest rank is the servant of the law (in the truest sense of the word), and it will come out « Leather & raquo ; to resolve your question in a convenient context for you.

Health and Food

About hospitals in Japan, perhaps you can write a separate book. I had to give birth there. Perhaps there is the best medicine in the world. I do not even compare to the Ukrainian, and with the European and the comparison is not in favor of Europe. However, our family had insurance, which covers all costs. But one has insurance, the arrival of emuGSI hard times: medicine without insurance is very expensive. While in Japan, people without insurance, probably not.

There is almost no homeless people (personally, I saw only one in Tokyo). Japan - a very crowded country, but a clean country, I have not seen. In Japan, there is no children's homes. There's even such a thing does not exist. And stray animals I have not met.

Japanese - the healthiest food in the world, but in my Ukrainian taste, not very tasty, although the Japanese are willing to argue with this, because they like it very much. And I liked the service at the restaurants. There is no concept of a tip, although the waiter grows out of the ground at the first request.

Any JapaneseWho turned in the street, struggling to help you

Note that after living two years in Japan, I did not know the language and did not want it. If you're not going to stay there forever, then you can do without it, so everything is convenient and automated. In addition, any Japanese, which drew uponstreet, struggling to help you, explaining in different languages ??and in sign language, until eventually it will not lead to the desired result.

For the disabled and mothers with prams life in Japan is very comfortable. Everywhere: in hospitals, shops, railway stations and museums for baby strollers and wheelchairs are equipped with specialplace, elevators and escalators. Thus mothers are full-fledged members of society, and not in Ukraine - torn by three years of life. After all, if you have a car and a number of her husband, it is unlikely you'll be able to get very far with the child. I in no way want to offend our country, but after Japan, where I lived for a year with a small child, I can safelyit is argued. In Japan, in any public place is a room for my mother, in which she can feed, change clothes, wash the baby, warm the mixture, or put to sleep. A free crystal clean toilets are everywhere. The same can be said for the disabled - they live a full life and do not feel any inconvenience.

Travel, etc.raditsii

Japan is comfortable for travel, and see what is there. Japanese - workaholics, they work from morning to night, but also know how to relax. So they have a lot of very beautiful and spectacular events.

A lot is done for foreigners, free of charge. For example, Japanese courses for foreigners (ieakogo I have not seen in any other country). Often there are various festivals: traditional Japanese tea festival kimono, and the like.

Most of all I love Japan because there is always and everywhere all ride bicycles - it's so convenient and fun.

There are shops for people with different income levels, but the quality of the goods of thisI do not suffer. You can buy a lot of good things affordable. The most expensive in Japan - it's food and service, but they are worth. By the way, if you decide to visit this beautiful country, then you can order online: frigatejapan.co.jp.

The Japanese have no concept of friendship in our understanding of the word

However,Japan also has a lot of minuses. For example, it is difficult to find a job to a foreigner. I know many girls who studied in Japan and would like to stay there to live and work in the specialty. But it is almost impossible. Women in Japan in general is difficult to find a job and how I realized that Japanese themselves, and do not want. Their task - to get married and have childrens (at least three), and material support of the family - a caring man.

The Japanese have no concept of friendship in our sense of the word. In their limited vocabulary, they have little to communicate with each other. To Japanese friend did not come to talk, and just at the seagulls NOT Zabierzow. They have no warmth in the relationship. Perhaps POEBesides there are very popular psychology.

Another big minus Japan is the country's geographical location. After all, the Japanese are living on the islands, which shakes all the time. Every day there is a slight earthquake, but I had to go through and some strong. For us, it's scary, and for the Japanese - everyday business. And there is always higherhumidity and constant prices three months of the year - the rainy season. The houses and apartments everywhere mold, which need to constantly fight.

On the Japanese can talk a lot and I miss this country. Although the man with the Slavic mentality to stay and live there forever it would be very difficult.

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