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Building in Kiev, around which there were many rumors, discussions and even scandals, continued "from scratch." Forgetting about the past, developers "Riverside" is not just a promise, and are already working on the realization of building dreams into reality many residents of Rivne.

"Riverside" - a residential complex on the street hundreds of Heaven (former Kikvidze) on the embankment of Usti, in place of the abandoned buildings of the old bakery.An innovative project for our city became a sensation which is not said just lazy. Because of problems with the paperwork on the construction of the embankment was suspended. Long scandals have led to the fact that the construction work for about a year were not conducted at all, and those who have already bought apartments in the "Riverside" worried whether they Nakhonn to become owners of apartments. Also, the people themselves do not hide interest in innovative construction, but are afraid that the scandal could happen again.

We were pleasantly surprised that the developers do not hide the fact that there were many problems with the continuation of work. After about a year the building was "frozen", and the previouss builders, fearing problems and left the project "Riverside".

Phoenix Invest

Now, the construction itself gave a new developer (a professional entrepreneur, initiating relazatsiyu and provides the best possible options for establishingI and development of real estate). Immediately the question arose as to who was the new incarnation of the developer and continues to the residential complex "Riverside". It was learned that the construction is a Russian construction company " Phoenix Invest ", which provides. About the city is known not so much. We know the pointbut that the same company is building another building complex "Chocolate" in the neighborhood of Jubilee. After talking with the developers, it became clear that the "Riverside" and "Chocolate" - this is not the last projects that are going to bring the firm " Phoenix Invest " in our city. There are already a lot of interesting ideas that are already usedlizhayshee time promised to be another building sensations Exactly.

How is the building?

Remembering the question that troubled the readers for the construction of "Riverside", then decide to see for themselves how whether construction. The representative of the builder not only did not object aboutagainst the construction of the tour, and he is ready to put on the helmet and everything to show. Therefore, hike directly from the construction site, we can safely say that the construction of a residential complex is going on! And the builders themselves tell us that already then the once derelict site will have five sections of comfort, peace and quiet for those who appreciate comfortand environmentally friendly.

In addition, builders are assured that the house built entirely of durable materials with strict compliance with all building codes. Do not hide the workers and the fact that recently occurred in the construction of many changes. So, just a month managed to resume construction and increase eron the pace and quality. The new firm, the developer hired a new contractor, who not only monitors the construction process, but also to correct those flaws, which did not see or did not want to notice the previous developers.

Do not disregarded and the the fact that during the year the construction of a residential complex was without conservationii. Builders do not just tell, but also showed that the old mineral wool, which was not covered by the top - was replaced by a new.

The builders show that the facade is made of ceramic bricks. It has a much better performance and meets all standards. Bearing walls are reinforced every four rows of masonry. The houseinsulated with 10-centimeter high-quality mineral wool, which is refractory. This will ensure that the residents of "Riverside" warmth and comfort in their homes. The thickness of the walls of the house is 60 centimeters. Beauty and elegance of a new building will give the panoramic windows.

Under the watchful supervision of the construction process is carried out at a fast pace in one and a half cmenes. Personally convince themselves estimate that the "Riverside" 23 kamenschika work. Communicating with them, I know that the vast majority of them - the people, but there are also workers from other cities. Men say that they were selected for the qualification and even a couch. I asked the foreman also about whether they are gaining more employees. After all,the entrance to the building seen smiling builder on a board that offers a job to skilled builders, who will implement the LCD "Riverside", the foreman confirms that continue to seek professionals who could become the builders of "Riverside".

The representative of the developer said that the "Riverside" in the period9 days before going on the construction of one floor. Already seen as being overlapping the seventh floor and begins construction of the eighth.

Do not feel sorry for the developers of resources for the design, thereby increasing daily and weekly quality construction.

I promise that no only the house, and a house territory will be aboutlagorozhena of the best European models. The area will be restricted access mode and thus will guarantee peace and security for you and your neighbors. Also, the developer promises that the European standards will be carried out landscaping the promenade.


After hearing all of the informationa restored building "Riverside", ask the builder how are going to communicate all this is certainly an interesting and useful information for potential buyers and those who have already bought apartments in the "Riverside". The representative of the developer talks about innovation, they want to bring in the next month. It should be a lifes public report to future owners of apartments on the results of the work performed. But potential buyers, as we journalists will be able to see with their own eyes the progress of construction.

Convenient location, practical planning, excellent filling apartments, neat and durable exterior of the house, its own infrastructure, toQualitative improvement entrance, and all this at an affordable price - that is the complex of unique advantages of the residential complex "Riverside".

We will follow the new approach to the construction, if once again will be able to then take a look again at the construction site to see that the new offers rovenchanam innovative "Riverside".

Leaving the construction site, I catch myself thinking: in a house do you want to live! "Riverside" - this is really cool!

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