And what prices now on mattresses?

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The modern world beckons with its variety of mattresses. Etcand choosing one or another room, people pay attention to the design and color, but more on the quality. For demanding people, many stores offer mattresses with two layers of springs, filled with sea grass, coconut fiber, horsehair. People with more modest request, visit the shops, will find the usual cheap cotton mattresses.

The range of mattresses and prices in Kiev

Buy mattresses in Kiev can be in most furniture stores, you can also order the production of mattresses in some of the local firms. Cheaper cost springless cotton mattresses. This one-bedroom standard size will cost several hundred hryvnia; sleepsfirst, the size of 160h190 cm – even more.

Springless mattresses more expensive filler - latex, coconut fiber can be purchased in-store furniture. However, they are much more expensive - for example, the mattress size 160x200 cm with coconut filling will cost more than 2.5 thousand hryvnia, with latex - will cost more than trex thousand. Here you can buy and spring mattresses « bonel & raquo ;, which, depending on the quantity and quality of the layers are 600-1500 hryvnia and above, and mattresses with a system of independent springs (« pocket » type) - an average of 3-4 thousand hryvnia .

Cheaper mattresses with independent springs were seen on the second floor UpMa clothing department « Modern furniture » - Here the German single mattresses will cost 1,600 hryvnia, double - about 150 hryvnia more. « tricked » Mattress made with the latest science and technology, will cost about 2.5 thousand hryvnia, as usual bonelni spring mattresses - about 1,000 hryvnia. One of aamyh cheap mattress with box spring and inexpensive fillers (felt, foam, padding polyester) offers a well-known company for about 600 hryvnia.

Can produce mattress stores to order?

Produce to order a mattress on the spring block (fillers - felt, coconut, batting) can in many firms.   A wide range of mattresses with orthopedic effect can be purchased   550 hryvnia per one-bedroom (90x190 cm), and by 1180 hryvnia for one-bed (180x190 cm), the most expensive mattress for 5000 hryvnia and above - a double mattress with independent springs. You can help choose the most suitable model for the mattress height and weight arex who is sleeping on it, using special tables. Good you again!

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