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If you are interested in daily rent - this is the city where today, this service is very popular, ituse and local residents, for example, when looking for a house for parties and New Year's, and visitors who come for business or tourism purposes. To freely enjoy the beauty of the city, dive into the unique world of local architecture, interesting attractions, it is worth to rent a house in Kiev, because you need only bearHow many days. If you want to find a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments inexpensively and without intermediaries, is to use the Internet. But since most of thematic resources and ill-considered inconvenient to use, it is better to visit the Through this site to rent an apartment in Kiev will not be a problemeat. Here, thanks to the filter, full text search and view the map you will easily pick up options in the center, near the train / railway station or in another area, you book yourself online luxury accommodation with a jacuzzi and you can enjoy a homey feel.

Rental housing in Kiev: how to choose the area?

Bolshinstvo believes that in Kiev is better to dwell in the central regions. But according to locals should give preference to residential districts. For example, the Dnieper and Desnyanskiy, which is good, quiet, calm, and there are well-developed infrastructure. Easy access to any part of the city. And to rent an apartment in these areas can be much deshevle than in the center.

Where to walk and what to see?

Kiev as rich in attractions (both historical and contemporary) that have to live here forever, to see them all. But if you only have a few days, follow the mandatory minimum program. For this it is necessary to remove thevartiru rent and visit such places:

  • Andrew's Descent - a very popular street of Kiev Museum. Here, at every step you can see a lot of interesting and feel the bohemian artistic atmosphere. This historic street has a unique flavor. OnAndreevskom can buy souvenirs;
  • Khreshchatyk - Kiev's main street: very short, but her soul wide . It is the center of urban life where people love to walk Kiev residents and tourists, where there are all the important events;
  • Nicholas Church - the most beautiful architectural landmark in the city, made in the Gothic style;
  • People's Friendship Arch . This sculpture is dedicated to the 1500 anniversary of the capital. She compICU of the arch itself in the form of a rainbow, a bronze sculpture of 2 workers and scenes Pereyaslav. In the center - a statue of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Boyar, Russian Ambassador Buturlin;
  • Mariinsky Palace - the most beautiful building in Kiev;
  • Golden Gate - a monument to 12th-century fortification. Here, next to a metro station and many places for walking and recreation;
  • Hagia Sophia - the main religious building of Kievan Rus.   

Kiev - a unique city, which is admired by tourists from all over the world. Therefore, it is worth every visit!

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