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restaurant Business

Currently, the restaurant business is very popularity among investors. Beginners are always wondering: what is needed for the restaurant kitchen, except initial investment in the restaurant itself and the professional approach to its management? Of course, some concept of the restaurant kitchen, it subject (whether it is Japanese, Chinese, Italian, or typical Russian), competently picked technological equipment - the most essential step in the development of the business. Culinary masterpieces, the taste of which visitors will enjoy later still born exactly in the kitchen. We will try to briefly describe one of the most significant steps in the organization of the restaurant business.
restaurant Business, restaurant equipmentPerson who is not an expert in the field of professional catering equipment, it will be difficult to make the choice, what manufacturer from the long list should he prefer. Our equipment is usually cheaper than foreign, but the quality of many analogues is poor. Of course, we are not talking of the devices, which are produced in Russia for over 20 years and are in high demand, such as refrigerated cabinets or freezing chests of the Polair company.

But it must be noted that most of the equipment of high quality is from Europe, where Italy is ahead of the rest (Fimar company produces half of the required equipment for the kitchen). France and Germany are trying to keep up in this plan, but they have less producers, the most successful of them - Robot Coup and Bartscher, which are known in their own countries and abroad for over 50 years and 100 years respectively. They produce different types of kitchen equipment: from submersible mixer to such useful in summer devices, as electric vegetable slicers and juicers.

If the restaurant will only work with semis, the cost of the equipment will not be so expensive: it does not exceed the cost of the entire complex on 30%. It is possible that it will be set free by any beer or wine manufacturing company, but then the owner will have to pay handsomely: to buy only the beer or wine of that company. As practice shows, the cost of the necessary equipment can range from 60 to 150 thousand dollars, that is, significantly more than for the same public dining room, in fact you also need to pay for the interior design.
restaurant Business, restaurant equipment

If the selection of kitchen appliances is difficult, then you should contact a qualified professional or specialized companies which always will provide the necessary assistance in equipping and designing of restaurants, it's realy good, that there are a lot of such companies now.

Do not think that after the purchase of all equipment your expenses will end. Very important is the purchase of kitchen utensils and inventory, and it will cost from two to three times more expensive than buying of the average electric stove, that is, you will have to spend a lot of money.

restaurant business staffRecruiting the staff, particularly, the manager, who will choose the functioning policy of the restaurant will be one of the next important steps. But that's another story, as the well-known Soviet actor Leonid Kanevsky have said. The purpose of our article was to talk about some aspects in the selection of kitchen equipment. In conclusion, we want to wish you success in creating and promoting your restaurant, so let it operates for many years!

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