What is printing and how it differs from each other?


To begin with, that the press is a digital and offset, they are different technologies, andhence the cost and speed of order execution. The quality they do not differ from each other, except that leaflets with a digital printer a little brighter. Digital printing is carried out mainly on color laser printers, as they are characterized by:

  • efficiency - ordered and took an hour;
  • the ability to print in small editions, ranging from a single instance. The value of the circulation to the cost of one copy has almost no effect. When offset printing - the higher the circulation, the lower the cost of one copy.

Digital Printing, in my opinion, the most optimal for those who justwants to please yourself and your friends. There is no need to bother with the formats, color modes and image size (important to maintain the aspect ratio, if the card 10 by 15 cm, and the size of the image must be in the ratio of 1 to 1,5).

We start with the fact that the copy image you want to see on the card, a USB flash drive and anddem nearest Copycenter in advertising that says "print leaflets." It offers paper for postcards, usually cardboard, which differs in thickness and texture. As a rule, a single sheet of Postcard located 8 cm in size 10/15, so you can order the same 8 or 8 different leaflets or 4 identical and 4 different in a wordlike your heart's content, you will still pay will be for a piece of cardboard. And do not forget to tell « I want to color was like on the screen ».

All this I experienced the two Copycenter madly afraid to look meaningless, so after the « hi » the first thing said: "I am the first districtAz want to print leaflets, I have a front and back piece on a flash drive, see the suitability ". And then everything went like clockwork, because in one, and elsewhere worked sensitive guys who not only without further question Print in my card, but told why sometimes we see on the screen of one color, and the printer prints etc.THER.

It turns out it's all about color models - RGB and CMYK. I will not delve into this topic, it is interesting to be able to easily find information on the Internet. As it turned out, these regimes are not terrible, and even if you do not know what mode your images, it does not hurt you to get a great result, etc.PICs do not forget to say about it before printing.

Now the print circulation of more than 10 pieces. in print shops (you can order a Copy centers in circulation, but it will be more expensive than in the printing). It's all a bit complicated, because the demand is already finished printing flyers layouts - fully prepared for printing images corresponding to the definitiondivided requirements:

  • size;
  • color model;
  • the availability of flights.

I print only one printing press, all my knowledge of the preparation of layouts I read on the site, but I confess, I read more than onceand more than one day, and by loading the layout, not all at once turned. But all is not as difficult as it looks at first glance -)

Bole detailed look online printing Teraprint:

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