Fire Alarm Systems


Modern fire alarm systems are typically designed so that the sooner youreveal the seat of the fire and the formation of signals to alert the personnel on duty, remote centralized monitoring and the people are in the room. It is another object of the automatic fire alarm system is to run and manage the system warning people about the danger and evacuation, fire fighting, smoke removal, ventilation and so on. D. Due to early vyjavleniyu the fire quickly manages to locate the location of the fire and to minimize losses caused by fire. For more information about fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Systems are divided into:

  • addressless - more are used in small size facilities;
  • analogue addressable - can more accurately determine the source of fire. Used at medium and larger objects of varying complexity.

Fire protection of building structures

Fire made:

  • anti impregnation of wooden structurespyrenes;
  • metal surfaces coated with fire retardant paint;
  • coated surface structures fireproof plaster solutions;
  • protection of reinforced concrete structures directly rigid screens, boards and panels.


The main task of a lightning protection system is « capture » lightning current and safe diversion in the earth. This will also avoid the need to provide thermal, electrical and mechanical stress discharge may cause damage to building structures and aredanger to people.

Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems play a crucial role in creating a high level of safety of commercial, industrial and residential projects. The main purpose of the operation of video surveillance systems is to ensure continuous visual monitoring of objects(flat, continuous areas, car parks, protected, etc.). Today, video surveillance system is a mandatory element of any security system. Also, a video surveillance system can be combined directly with the alarm system and it is a kind of control and access.

Features of the systemWe control and access management

Modern access control are an important part of integrated security systems. They are also designed to provide multi-level authorized passage indoors and protected areas, time tracking, employee software cluzhby security complete and accurate information about the state of the facility. Allocated access control to the security function, and vice versa. Can be integrated in security and fire alarms, video surveillance and and so. D.

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