My history of smoking pipes on Rybolovlev

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Each of us can easily create in your imagination gollicheskuyu picture: evening event sun, water ... aiming for something nice to take a sip of flyazhechki, smoke quietly ... And of course that expectation that today you would be lucky Fishing Rods ... And in the morning you can safely eat fish. It was my dream.

Does smoking laborBCH on the lungs?

About Health: smoking Tube , for example, does not include the delay of smoke into the lungs, and, as the Shirvindt: "You die of a heart attack, and light you as a baby! & raquo ;. If more seriously," dyhalki "do not score that importantof athletes and, say, cyclists. And on paper, which is part of the cigarettes should not be forgotten. Remember that each element, from which is your tube for Smoking , is no less important than the process Smoking .

For pode-ecology

Our people, singing and spiritual, not too abused BANQUET ashtrays and so on shore littered cigarette butts that adorn the landscape too. But lyulechka no cigarette butts and its waste (half-smoked tobacco and plop) dissolve in nature without problems. But still, I wanted to mlegged thought about this problem, and finally started to put butts in his pocket or in the trash and do not throw to the beach.


If you smoke a pipe then, believe me, without parole, each will match your pocket. And in every pocket of a backpack, a vest and svyudy-everywhere. Amatches the value in nature is difficult to overestimate! This fire, and toothpicks and many, many things (to have enough imagination).

Tamper needed for the process smoking , but watching movies Shcherbakov I came across a very useful piece of advice: in the case of the hold not drag the cord andWhether fishing line and reel a few turns on the stick. Here tamper is a lifesaver! Not often, but useful!

Brushes for cleaning tube

I also used them in dozens of ways! They can be cleaned with anything: the joints of telescopic rods and complexityGOVERNMENTAL spinning, all kinds of available space in the boxes, clasps ... even in your ear, you can climb up and "restore order"! The design of their brush - 2 suites metal darts, and metal wire, and a useful thing, too, may be necessary. Recently I broke gum, which I connected the rods and twisted wire brush are well kept together.


If you suddenly went ashore and cut without kits or, say, rubbed his leg, then in the morning you can easily sprinkle ashes. Cigarette smokers are now rejoice and yelled that cigarette ash is also suitable for this ... really. But it is not so courteous!
Quit smoking! Or inybirayte best !!! Remember that your health depends on how you feel about him. Be attentive to yourself and your loved ones.

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