Variety of compressor equipment


The compressor - the equipment that is used for azhatiya and supplying air or gas under pressure. The compressed air stored in the tank, where it is stored or forwarded to the system pressure. This product has a predominantly industrial purposes. It is widely used in the compressor unit, which in turn represent an actuator, an auxiliary compressor and aboutequipment. What are the compressors?

by type:

This device functioned on the principle of compressing air. So when the compressor piston starts to return translational movement inside the case. These compressors,in turn divided into:

  1. Oil - a compressor equipped with oil spray system. This system provides lubrication of the metal parts are subject to wear. Their main drawback is the regular. maintenance (oil level check and clean the filter).
  2. Oil-free – this is often the most deshevye compressors, but with a small capacity (for example, paint the car you do not succeed, because the power is not enough). In these compressors are used parts which do not require lubrication system and to a lesser extent exposed to friction. The advantages of this equipment are: easy to transport, unpretentiousbility of operation and the ability to work in sub-zero temperatures.

This is a device that:

  1. can work 24 hours a day (the vast majority of these compressors have an electronic control unit and it is possible to program the desired time intermc);
  2. have a very high performance (May 1 min. to compress up to 8 yew. liters of air through air ducts to submit it to dozens of pneumatic equipment);
  3. economical (because the equipment is located close to the work area is very much reduced length of air lines, and as a result reducingis the loss of pressure).

According to the type of drive:

This is the equipment that is equipped with a direct drive with a capacity of up to 2.25 kW. The electric motor is connected to the piston by the coupling, which in turn gives high productivity compressorBecause the power loss is virtually eliminated. But it's worth noting that the compressors of this type are not very reliable and can be operated only periodically for 20 minutes.

Is a plant with a capacity of 1.5 - 4 kW, openeding greater opportunities to their owner. These compressors can be used in production (for: tire, car repair, working with pneumatic tools in the building), and at home.
This equipment has high reliability, and if you use it properly, it will last you a very long time.

Design Features:

  • lower speed energy-power machines;
  • to the flywheel of the compressor head mounted on the engine belt drive;
  • have air cooling system;
  • the diameter of the flywheel is greater than the motor pulley.

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