Why is it important to study English?


English - the international language communication. BehindIt takes second place in the world in the number of people who have it, of which about 350-400 million consider English as their mother tongue first.

For English-language Stra include USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This - the world's leading countries with a developed economy and infrastructure. In addition, Englandsky is common in India, Western Europe, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Africa. Therefore, knowledge of English - is an opportunity to travel around the world at the same time finding a common language with the locals.

The importance of learning languages ??

At this point in history of English istsya language of international communication. Wherever you go, wherever you are, the English will help you find a common language with the local, find friends and just have fun. By the way, the majority of sites on the Internet - also in English.

Knowledge of English is always a plus when getting Startedyou. If a firm in which you work, work with foreign clients, then it is possible you will be able to work with them, because you know English.

The English-speaking countries - a developed country, there are many people who want to work legally in these countries. However, not everyone can do it. One reason etogabout - lack of English language. As you will be working in the country, if you do not know the language of the people living in it?
There is a saying: Person lives as many lives as many languages ??does he know, that translates as "people live many lives, how many languages ??he knows ". Indeed, learning a language - it is interesting and informative aboutprocess. He trains memory, develops communication skills and expands your boundaries.

How to learn English?

If you are a beginner or a student - to learn English in stages, starting with the 1st class. Steps are painted on the page "How to learn English from scratch":

  • Visit the different sites;
  • Learn English grammar and word online;
  • Perform the exercises;
  • Watch movies and especially TV shows - they will help you train the correct pronunciation and the use of certain words in everyday life;
  • Read books in English. Reading is always helpful, and reading in a foreign language - twice more helpfule. This allows you to enrich your vocabulary and a better understanding of the structure of the English sentence.

Of course, one of the most important training in the study of any language is Spiking, that is - a conversation in English. Look for aliens in your city, participate in discussion forums, go to mnternational website for the exchange of foreign languages ??(language exchange) where you will find people with whom you can talk on Skype. Ideally, of course, to communicate with native speakers of English (native speakers), but if you are a beginner - talk with everyone, because in this way you will train your pronunciation.

To learn English you can sign up for paid courses or start visiting some club of spoken English may be in your place, for example. Typically, these clubs are free and visit them - a pleasure.

What should be taught in the English language?

If you are student or just beginninginaete language learning, you first of all need to learn the English alphabet. Without knowledge of the language knowledge of letters is not possible, because the letters - is the foundation. Learning English alphabet will be for you easier if you've already met with the Latin alphabet, and studied at least one European language.

Intongue around the head - grammar. English grammar - this is how, in fact, it is built. It consists of the time, the morphology, the rules for constructing sentences and many other components.

The cornerstone is also studying the table of irregular verbs. They are in English, not too muchHowever, for their study you will need to make an effort. The best way to learn irregular verbs - their use in everyday speech or memorization by writing sentences in which their use is appropriate.

is appropriate to the study of phraseology and idioms. The English language is full of it, and their receptacleMaintenance will allow you to diversify your pronunciation and make it richer. A foreigner who knows idioms, and idioms of the English language is always respected. And if you'll still know the sayings and proverbs, the other person will feel all the culture shock:)

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