The holiday in Egypt is different from the rest in other countries?


Holidays in the resorts of Egypt has recently received is highly popularamong the inhabitants of cold countries including among the Russian people. Every year hundreds of tourists (especially from different cities of Russia) are sent to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, to soak up the beach, settled in, and see the legendary pyramids.

The journey will be unforgettable, if not limited to a visit to thnogochislennyh beaches, and supplement it with outdoor activities and excursions that will contribute also to expand horizons.

What to do in Egypt?

Supporters of active rest various resorts of Egypt (Sharm-el-Sheikh, Hoegaarden, Alexandria, and many others) offer a variety of attractive options.Among the water sports popular recreational sports diving, windsurfing and kite surfing and sand lovers of landscapes will be enjoyed the safari tour, during which you can explore plenty of desert on quad bikes, visit a local Bedouin village and learn about their customs.

Even more mysterious places ...!

If you are very attracted to the mysteries and monuments of culture, then you can just place an order for one of the many variety of excursions. View grand pyramids of Giza, the mysterious Sphinx, the temples of Luxor, Abidossi and Abu Simbel make a lasting impression which will never quite compete, no other eqskursiya. Particularly noteworthy are the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the Greco-Roman, which is located in Alexandria, the biblical Mount Moses, the Valley of Kings and the City of the Dead.

Where can I order a ticket?

Today, there are many travel agencies that can offer you a wide choice of toursIt was in departing from your city, if there is an airport. But remember that you can also ask and sports in other countries such as Italy, Spain, Finland and many others. With a full range of services can be found even on the official website of the respective travel company, for example. Remember that such a firm should in subsectionervuyu place cares about its customers and always go forward, providing an opportunity to get last minute for significant discounts and tours in installments or a loan.


So, now you know where you can relax directly in Egypt, or choose a ticket to the other countries of the world. Xochet advise you that before choosing a certain company, please first check: what it does and what services nada. It is also possible to read in their spare time to the comments of the chosen travel company. Do not forget the fact that the representatives of such organizations should smack yourself the bestproposals that will accommodate a discount and favorable conditions. I wish you good rest and unforgettable impressions. Love yourself, and then you will love others.

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