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For the family doctor is very important to know the features of cough in different groups of patients: for example, in infantsage and cough characterized giperproduktivnistyu and performs a drainage function. Therefore, infants should be used with caution drugs that stimulate expectoration. Adult patients - smokers with the experience, often ignoring cough may suppress it, even in the presence of sputum, and daily productive cough occurs in themmostly in the morning in the form of « toilet bronchi & raquo ;. Neurotic patients may complain of recurrent dry cough, which, however, it seems productive, accompanied by a feeling of « lump » throat, shortness of breath, etc. and difficult to treat.

What is a cough?

« Kasl - watchdog bronchi » - The exact phrase always remember the doctor, as he often directs all efforts to combat this symptom, instead of finding and eliminating its causes - a protective reflex act. Today emit more than 50 different causes of coughing.

What may indicate a cough?

Family doctors, who classified the cough in nature it will be easier to figure out the immediate cause of the symptoms. For example, a dry, nonproductive paroxysmal cough indicates bronchial hyperreactivity, and can sometimes indicate a fungal infection of the respiratory tract. Dry « barking » cough characteristicfor laryngitis and croup, which requires immediate measures, especially in the younger group of child patients.   Productive cough « mouth full » It can be observed at the conclusion of pneumonia, bronchiectasis and abscess, which opened in the bronchi. The special types of cough include: « bull » cough, typical of paralysisthe muscles of the vocal cords; bitonal cough is characteristic of bronhoadenita. Constant dry cough should alert the doctor (taking into account the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in the country). If a patient with cardiovascular disease on the background of a periodic low-energy dry cough worsens at night, you should think about heart failureSTI as the most likely cause of the symptom. Cough that occurs in patients (both children and adults) at the end of the night and in the morning, may be caused by sinusitis. The emergence of seasonal cough mainly a manifestation of allergic reaction. Acute episodes of paroxysmal cough, especially in young patients, should first natolknut doctor to think about the possibility of foreign body aspiration. The emergence of coughing while eating may indicate either aspirate food or the presence of gastroesophageal reflux disease.

What drugs will help you in diseases of the bronchi?

A large group of drugs used in the bronchospasmsyndrome and bronchial hyperreactivity, make inhalants: Short-acting anticholinergics (ipratorpium bromide and oxitropium bromide) and the long-acting (tiotropium bromide), belonging to the means of basic treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; stabilizers mast membranes - cromones - basic products GRUppy for the treatment of intermittent asthma and inhaled corticosteroids (beclomethasone, flunisolide, triamcinolone, fluticasone) - drugs of choice for the basic treatment of persistent asthma. For symptomatic therapy and cupping the bronchial used inhaled beta-2 agonists, theophylline and combinesTED means.

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