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More than one hundred years in a row women choose and wear jewelry, to express themselves. Manufacturersin turn, in the fight for customers trying to create new and new collection of high-quality luxury jewelry. Popular jewelry handmade, helping to emphasize the individual style. Now there are a variety of decorations: flirty, funny, luxuriously decorated, gourmet or traditional tolassicheskie. Jewelers say that it is now fashionable to combine pendants, earrings, rings or bracelets of different styles. That is what will help the woman to be or ambitious, or sensual, or shy or reserved.

What is gold?

Women jewels - it is a real drug. Few can resist red them. After all, every woman tries to always be beautiful and loved. But to achieve the "best" it is necessary to work a little.

Gold - a yellow precious metal that is mined in deposits. Pure gold does not exist, can only be the individual atoms are absolutely pure gold. It usually has a yellowth color. In the European countries do not make jewelry full of "pure". It is soft enough. To add to the strength of the gold, it is alloyed with other elements: silver, copper, platinum. Those details are not interested in gold, know that it is yellow, red and white. But we know that, thanks to a combination of metals, gold moJette purchase of other colors and shades, because there are many alloys, and combinations thereof. Thus, for example, platinum gold stain in white by adding copper - obtain the red color, and that color was yellow, it is necessary to make the mixture comprising copper and silver. In the jewelry market is represented by the yellow, red, white, green, pink, gray and exoticgold compounds: brown, blue, purple and black. Typically, such color used for coating hours, inserts for jewelry and the like. Novelty black gold. It is obtained by mixing. They are the products of the black gold is not enough. However, regardless of color, gold is gold. In Moscow, buy or rent your gold safelyabout, please visit.

The most popular 585

Standard - is the gold marking on the product. It determines the quality of the alloy. Sample jewelry shows how many grams in a kilogram of gold alloy, which is used for the manufacture of jewelry made of gold.

The most pThe prevalence of gold include sample 585 and 750. If the sample 585, it means that the only item of gold 58.5% pure gold, and the remaining 41.5% - impurities of other metals. In 1978, 583 sample was replaced by 585. It should be noted that the sample 583 is not in demand in Europe is more often used 585. But apart from these, there are other tests.

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