How to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

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A lot of women face a problem as hemorrhoids, especially during beremennosminute. Every mother is using its methods and means of prevention and elimination of the first symptoms and therefore neglected. Today, we learn more about this issue, about what are the .

Why hemorrhoids occurs in pregnant women?

Due to the pressure from the growingfruit on the hemorrhoidal veins, pregnant women are very susceptible to developing hemorrhoids. Increased female sex hormones may also weaken the vein wall, which makes them more vulnerable to the emergence of this unpleasant disease directly as hemorrhoids. In addition, constipation due to poor nutrition and lack of osuschesIMPLEMENT may intensify during pregnancy. For some women, the disease can also develop at birth because of the intense pressing. Also other complications after birth can cause such problems. A lot of them, so you need to carefully look after their health and to make sure that this unpleasant problem at allI do not concern you.

Preventing or minimizing hemorrhoids during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can avoid hemorrhoids, if they stick to a diet of fiber, while carrying out her daily, and not delay bowel movements, when there is "the nature of the call." Some of MFitayut that if there is less food, but more often than three large meals, it promotes good digestion and prevent or complete elimination of this problem. In addition to the food you need to eat foods rich in the fiber, such as fresh vegetables, bran and fruits. Pregnant women should also drink plenty of water to keep the ArticleStreet mild. If necessary, instead of chemical and certain laxatives, try to drink prune juice, naturally he prunes, figs and other dried fruit, which can be used as a natural laxative. To reduce the pain of hemorrhoids using petroleum jelly. It can be used to lubricate the anal canal to defecate. Warmbath or a cold compress can also be used to provide temporary relief - but bath is not recommended during the last month of pregnancy, because water can seep into the vagina. Instead of hot towels can be used to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids after pregnancy, as a rule, which is singingcurled during pregnancy itself disappears after a few weeks after birth. However, if you still feel the hemorrhoids after pregnancy, and the practice of breastfeeding, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any medication, to avoid the child's treatment, because it can get various chemical substances through breast milk.

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