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Lush beautiful breasts is considered a source of pride for its owner. Butthen the question arises, why women are so popular operation that now and then can be found on sites about plastic surgery?

The shape and size of the breast - it features laid in the female body at the genetic level, which denies any ability to control their growth. BeautifulSingle, accurate breast can make happy woman, while too full becomes a burden and causes discomfort.

The excessive increase in breast cancer in women may be not only the natural predisposition of the body, but also triggered by hormonal failure or significant weight gain. And if in theadolescence chest grows to adolescence is not the size, the menopause is not simply increase, and sagging.

This problem is more common than the aesthetic disadvantage. Large breasts causes serious disturbances in the body, which manifest themselves in the form of painful feelings in the area of ??the back and neck, rash under the breasts and chronic fatigue. When walking or running volumetric breast can deliver not only physical but also moral discomfort. Choice of clothing for owners of excessively large breasts - it's also quite a hard task. To date, clothing manufacturers are guided by the slender buyers standardgovernmental settings. To find the outfit, sewing which is designed for non-standard shape, it is necessary to bypass the immeasurable variety of shops or sew clothes to order a specialized company.

non-surgical way to reduce breast impossible. With such a task can handle only plastic surgeon. Butpatients should not be afraid of surgery, because breast reduction procedure although it requires special skills and experience of the person, but is relatively simple. At the end, a woman does not need a long time to be in the hospital, and the result will be visible immediately. There are several techniques for appropriate manipulations, but their essence is one - a specialist of the breast is removed excess fat tissue, some of the mammary glands and thus removes excess skin. Then, depending on the characteristics of the operation, the patient shifted nipples and may even reduce their areola. Thus formed and beautiful breasts of normal size.

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