What are the labor market needs today?


What to expect from the employer graduate high school, which recruits, in addition to his own dspruce qualities? It - professional theoretical knowledge and some practical skills and experience.

Regarding the requirements for graduates, pay special attention to the acquired theoretical knowledge and analytical skills, because this is the main thing that should give high school.

Features professional knowledges

Professional knowledge - the main thing that should give high school students, because without them being the first to lose all meaning. But it is the knowledge that you need to work, you get to college? And they are the needs of the market are changing fast enough?

According to experts, today, no stateudarstvennye or private universities can not provide the level of education which fully meets the needs of the market, because it prevents the present system.

State diploma

In Russia, all high schools (all levels of accreditation and forms of ownership, which means that both private and public) Issue state diplomas. State diploma indicates that the student has learned the same for all institutions of the curriculum, which was approved by the state. Thus, he allegedly calls graduates of all universities. please visit diplom-cheliabinsk.com.

Of course, this does not make all universities absolyutno equal, because the quality of education is influenced by factors such as academic staff, teaching methods, research and educational activities of the institution and the like.

But under such circumstances, they have no opportunity to greatly adjust the program to the training of certainprofessionals better address the requirements of the market.

The lack of development of the educational system

One of the major shortcomings of higher education in Russia - is that it does not keep pace with the rapid development of the market, new technologies. Market demands are changing rapidly, and the formation of standing stille. Many multinational companies have had their own train specialists. This is especially true of engineering and technological disciplines, as technologies in the factories of foreign companies are not like those that are trained to work in our universities.

Practical skills

CurriculaWe should take into account who is ultimately to prepare high school - theoretical physicist, whose importance has theoretical training, or designer in the first place is to design, and not to write the formula.

outside experts themselves Teachers note that the training programs in many universities rather little to do with practicalCoy and generally have not known exactly what purpose it pursues. Also, the quality of education is also determined by the high qualifications of the teaching-professorial staff and the availability of scientific school.

At the same time, higher education institutions, which still managed to maintain its credibility still provide a decent quality ofEducation, according to experts, is due to hold its faculty, or rather, the effectiveness of the latter. It all depends on how mobilized teaching staff. How and at what level hosts a variety of seminars, conferences, studies or institution publishes books and the like.

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